The Bachelor's Jessica Brody explains strip club past

Gillian Wolski
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The Bachelor's Jessica Brody has addressed rumours about her strip club past. Photo: Channel 10.

Jessica Brody’s time on The Bachelor may have been short-lived, but her impressive social media following off-screen has meant her name has not been forgotten.

Rumours have been circulating that the recently eliminated reality star worked at a Melbourne strip club, and that’s the reason for her 270,000 Instagram followers.

However, speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, the 30-year-old makeup artist hit back at the reports, saying she only briefly worked at Centrefold Lounge Strip Club as a bartender, and that it has nothing to do with her popularity online.

The truth comes out

“I worked there for two months as a bartender and I already had the followers before I worked there, so it doesn’t really correlate,” Jessica explained.

That’s contrary to ‘insider sources’ who claimed that she “still works [at the club] from time to time” and was seen there “recently”.

It’s important to note that there are no suggestions that Jessica worked as anything but a bartender at the venue.

Insta famous

So, how did Jessica attract such a huge following on Instagram since she started out on the platform in 2013?

“Honestly I couldn’t tell you,” she said. “Back when Instagram first kicked off I was one of the few heavily tattooed girls out there and I think that was something people wanted to see,” she added.

She went on to explain how a now-defunct feature on the platform’s ‘Explore’ page used to spotlight user’s posts and show them “to the whole world” if they were “getting a lot of likes,” which Jessica’s posts certainly were.

This helped her earn “two thousand new followers in a day,” she revealed.

“It’s not like that anymore but I built my following a really long time ago and it’s sat around ever since,” she added.

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