The air fryer melted cookies hack sending TikToker's wild: 'You are a genius'

These delicious gooey cookies are hands-down the hottest snack around right now

If you’re looking for a warming winter treat that you can whip up in your air fryer, you’re going to want to bookmark this recipe now.

TikToker Daily with Deana has stunned fans with her delicious-looking air fryer melted cookies recipe, fetching more than 10 million views in a matter of days.

Smookies melted cookies air fryer
The trick to the best melted cookies is squeezing the marshmallows first. Source TikTok/@dailywithdeana

The viral air fryer recipe is ready in just eight minutes and offers up a gooey, melted mix of the classic Smores combination including chocolate and marshmallow but with a soft cookie dough layer on top. Yum?

The recipe starts by taking two plain biscuits and adding a piece of chocolate on top, followed by a marshmallow - but Deana says there's a trick to it. The marshmallow must be squished down so that it melts in with the chocolate.

On top of that is a large piece of ready-made cookie dough that completely covers the chocolate and marshmallow, ensuring that they are held together inside the cookie. Then, just pop it in the air fryer for eight minutes at 180 degrees Celsius and voila: the perfect gooey, melty chocolatey cookie.


Needless to say, the recipe quickly went viral, attracting thousands of comments and millions of likes from people who loved the melted cookie air fried creation.

Preparing the cookies for air frying
Air fryer fans were in love with the melted cookie creation. Photo: TikTok/@dailywithdeana

“If you would’ve seen the way my eyes lit up when you added the cookie… Guuuurrrlll,” one person wrote. “These look sooo good, suddenly I’m no longer on a diet,” joked another.

“Running to the store to buy an air fryer,” someone else said. One person even admitted to making it straight away and falling in love. “I did it last night… BEST IDEA EVER,” they said.

The finished smores cookies
The delicious cookies are oh so sweet and gooey. Photo: TikTok/@dailywithdeana

“Did you just make a Smookie?” another fan asked. Meanwhile, there were plenty of suggestions to make the cookie combo even better, with some even suggesting they should be served with a big scoop of ice cream on top. “Omg add an Oreo next time!” One person offered.

“Try it with a Ghirardelli square, I promise it won’t disappoint,” suggested another. “And this is why I’ll never be skinny,” joked someone else.

"You are a genius," another commenter wrote.

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