Air fryer cleaning trick divides TikTok: 'Did I miss something?'

Cleaning an air fryer can be a contentious issue, as this TikToker discovered.

It seems Aussies loves their air fryers, but many aren't quite sure how best to clean theirs. One woman has shared a super simple trick that deep cleans an air fryer in seconds.

Posting the video to her TikTok account @homewithrhianne, which has more than 20,500 followers, Rhianne shared a video of her usual air fryer clean. "Time for the dreaded air fryer clean," she says in the clip. "This has not been cleaned for a while and it needs some TLC."

Air fryer cleaning hack
The woman started the video by showing her filthy air fryer saying it hadn't been cleaned in a while. Source: @homewithrhianne

Pulling out the drawers of her dirty air fryer, Rhianne explains that she's using bi-carb soda, Fairy dishwashing liquid, vinegar spray and boiling water to give it a good clean. Putting all of the cleaning products in one at a time, she shows off all of the caked-on food and dirty water that has come out of her air fryer before revealing the final product.

"This is disgusting, just ewww," she says. "However, that transformation. Oh my gosh."

Air fryer cleaning hack
The woman first added bicarb soda, followed by dishwashing liquid, vinegar and boiling water. Source: @homewithrhianne

But despite her hack having great results, people couldn't understand how it had gotten into such a state in the first place. In fact, the comments section got her hack a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons.

“Not cleaned in a while? What?? It takes 2 mins to clean after use,” one person questioned.


“Are we not cleaning them every time? Have I missed something?” added another.

“Why not wash it after each use? New food on top of old? Eww,” said a third.

Air fryer cleaning hack
The huge amount of built up dirt and cooked food started to surface after applying all the cleaning products. Source: @homewithrhianne

Hundreds of others agreed saying it was not only unhygienic but unnecessary because it is so easy to clean an air fryer each time it is used.

But the video divided the internet with others saying it’s okay not to clean it each time.

“Do people clean their oven after every use? Don’t get why you can’t use this multiple times before cleaning,” one person said.

“It’s okay babe, not everyone’s got time to clean it after every single use,” added another.

Sharing some other ways to clean it, people suggested putting it in the dishwasher or simply rising it with hot soapy water.

Air fryer cleaning hack
Despite the hate online, her air fryer came up looking like new! Source: @homewithrhianne

“I literally pour boiling water in mine with fairy liquid after every use and it comes spotless,” one person suggested.

“Literally soap and water then turn on air fryer for 8min. Give it a shake, tip water away and its job done,” said another.

“Mine go in the dishwasher after every use!” a third commented.

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