Kmart $18 item transforms WFH space: 'Very clever'

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With so many of us working from home these days, even with things returning to the 'new' normal, our home office spaces are now so important to us.

Whether you are lucky enough to have a separate room or have carved our an area for yourself in the living room, you desk has to provide you the space and set-up to not complicate things any further.

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A Kmart shopper has thought up a desk hack for WFH. Photo: AAP

Not only do they need to be simple yet practical but we also want them to look good while hiding all our work mess.

One mum has come up with the perfect cost-effective solution to all of these problems and it's from Kmart.


Krystal Anne shared her new home set-up and was inundated with complimentary comments about her simple yet effective result.

"2 x $18 serving boards for monitor raisers. Perfect!" she wrote on her post on a Facebook page. 

Clever Kmart desk hack. Photo: Supplied
Clever Kmart desk hack. Photo: Supplied

And even though it seems like an easy hack, she quickly garnered 1.7k likes and almost 150 comments.

"Very clever going to steal this idea," one DIYer wrote. "Oh my god thank-you so much for posting this!!!! This is amazing," another added. 

And while there were many serious comments about how clever it was or where other bits of furniture are from (the desk is from IKEA in cases you're wondering), there were also a few that could see the humour in their work from home set-ups compared to Krystal's.

"Sure beats the A4 reams of paper I have been known to use!!!" one follower said, " I reckon there's still room for some snacks on those boards too," another added.

The wooden serving tray is $18 from Kmart. Photo: Kmart
The wooden serving tray is $18 from Kmart. Photo: Kmart

They say necessity is the mother of invention and it was the need to get creative about a solution that lead Krystal to this unusual work-around.

"When I set up the station I had looked at a couple of options that were quite expensive including a double raiser at Big W for $169 or cheap $30 single option at Officeworks. Everything I found was designed to be practical, was primarily plastic or laminate, and didn’t suit our house," Krystal tells Yahoo! Lifestyle

"I found the Kmart serving boards while looking for alternative practical yet appealing options with my teens. Perfect height, size, stable, excellent price and suits our house perfectly! My WFH office set-up is in our dining room and it looks simple and classy while being fit for purpose."

Who knew snack boards could be so versatile.

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