Non-Americans: What Did An American Tourist Do In Your Country That Made You Do A Serious Double-Take?

As an American who loves to travel, I'm sure I've committed my fair share of faux pas over the years. I'm usually informed by my family and friends who live overseas that they can often "hear Americans coming" whenever they're out in public, which is basically just code for us being loud as hell.

Lily Collins takes a selfie while biting into a pastry on a street with outdoor seating in the background

So, I want to know: What's the worst (or weirdest) thing you've ever seen an American tourist doing in your home country?

Maybe it was a relatively innocent mistake, like insisting they get an iced coffee or cold brew at a cafe in Italy. Or even worse, ordering a cappuccino after 11 a.m.

A person stirs a cup of coffee with a spoon while sitting at a table with a glass of water and a container holding sugar packets
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You may have witnessed some very ignorant tourists who get frustrated when people around them don't speak English or don't accept US currency.

Nick Offerman in Parks and Rec holds up a dollar bill, talking to another man in a striped shirt at a postcard stand on a city street

Maybe you were in a museum or historical site and saw a few Americans touch the art or climb over ropes to get a photo of a preserved artifact.

A woman wearing sunglasses, a white shirt, and denim shorts takes a selfie while pointing at ancient ruins with columns in the background. Tourists are nearby
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Or maybe you live in the southern hemisphere but witnessed some Americans who only packed their winter wear for a December trip, completely unaware that it was the middle of summer for the other half of the world.

A woman in a yellow shirt appears tired and holds a water bottle, wiping her forehead with her arm, likely after exercising or being in the heat
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Whatever questionable thing you've witnessed an American tourist doing, we want to know about it! Comment below on the funny, frustrating, or ignorant faux pas you saw, or fill out this form if you want to remain anonymous. Your response may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!