What Are Your Pet Peeves You See In TV Shows And Movies Because They Always Get It Wrong?

I am going to start by saying, yes, I know most TV shows and movies aren't meant to be realistic — after all, they're trying to tell a story, so they take some liberties. But sometimes, there are things that when you begin to think about it can really take you out of the TV show or movie because they're so unrealistic. A classic example is Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City who was able to afford lots of designer clothes, bags, and shoes even though she made a living as a columnist at a local New York newspaper.

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So, that made me want to ask: what is something in TV shows and movies that they always get wrong? Or what is something you find so unrealistic that it bothers you?

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Maybe it's a TV show where the cast lives in a huge New York City apartment that they realistically couldn't afford.

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Perhaps it's seeing women wear bras in sex scenes in movies.

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Or, maybe it's the car chase scenes in action movies that bug you. Like, how the car can get totally wrecked yet the people inside are fine and get out without a scratch.

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Or, perhaps it's something more subtle, like how TV characters are fully dressed up and wearing shoes inside the house even though they're just hanging out at home.

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So tell us something in TV shows and movies that they always get wrong in the comments below, or submit anonymously using this form, for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.