Teen bride's 'vile' admission after marrying 98-year-old

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A teen bride has left the internet gobsmacked after the dark motivations behind her wedding to a 98-year-old dementia patient were revealed in private messages shared online.

Screenshots and photos shared to Reddit’s ‘Trashy’ page had online readers flabbergasted as they seemed to reveal the twisted ambitions of a teenager who tied the knot with the 98-year-old man in September.

19-year-old bride marries 89-year-old dementia patient
A 19-year-old said she 'can't wait to be a widow at 30' after marrying an 89-year-old man. Photo: Reddit

The 19-year-old reportedly met the man after being assigned to be his nurse, later becoming engaged and earlier this year making it official in the eyes of the law.

She shared the saga to her Twitter page which has since been deactivated, revealing she met the elderly gentleman when she was his part-time at-home carer after his hospitalisation.


The gentleman was reportedly hospitalised after a car accident in which his first wife died.

Image of Tweet with photo of wedding between 89-year-old dementia patient and 19-year-old teen wife
The bride shared the news of their union to Twitter before deleting her account. Photo: Reddit

Official records confirm a wedding took place between a 19-year-old and an 89-year-old on September 12 in a county in the US state of Arkansaw, the pair believed to be the nurse and patient in question.

In Tweets since deleted but visible in screenshots, the 19-year-old openly admits she is ‘one day closer to being a widow by 30’.

Photo: Reddit
Photo: Reddit

Wedding photos show the pair cutting cake and smiling at one another, the young bride in a lacy gown, and the gentleman in a morning suit.

The woman also confirmed via Tweet that her husband is often ‘confused’ and sometimes call her his late wife’s name.

Screenshots of text messages between the bride and friends show the woman openly admitting she is choosing to wed the man to become the ‘sole inheritor’ of his fortune.

“Michael if we get married I would be the sole person who gets his inheritance,” she wrote in a message to a friend.

Photo: Reddit
Photo: Reddit

On Reddit a health care worker confirmed they had cared for the man in hospital and he had lost both his wife and son, confirming his bride did stand to inherit it all with no family in the picture.

The situation unsurprisingly stirred up a heated response online, where many called for the authorities to be called over the potential abusive situation.

“What gets me is - how can a person with dementia consent to marry?” the person who originally shared the saga pondered. “Who officiated at this wedding and certified that he was able to enter into a contract? What witnesses were there?”

“This is heartbreaking,” another person wrote, calling the situation ‘horrible’. “I hope someone steps in and has this marriage annulled.”

“That is straight up vile...” another wrote.

When her tweets stirred up similar controversy online, the woman responded that the duo’s unusual relationship was built on love, though it seems she has had few sympathisers. She is now unreachable having deleted her social media accounts.

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