Teacher who lost job now earns $10K per week with sexy snaps

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A former teacher who lost her $48,000 job due to the coronavirus pandemic reveals she now makes over $10,000 a week from her fans as a model and is bombarded with marriage proposals.

23-year-old Riley Summers, from Los Angeles, found herself without an income during the pandemic and with teaching jobs few and far between, she decided to take the plunge into a completely different industry.

Riley Summers sticking her tongue out wearing a crop top
Riley Summers lost her job as a teacher during the pandemic. Photo: JamPress /Australscope.

Having always been complimented on her good looks, Riley started sharing photos and videos of herself on Instagram and within months had racked up nearly one million followers.

The young woman enjoyed the freedom of sharing more of herself online, which she had not been able to do as a teacher.

“I lost my job, which led to some doors opening that I didn’t expect," Riley told Jam Press.


Woman drinking a shake sitting in a pink chair
Now, she makes $10k per week by posting sexy photos online. Photo: JamPress /Australscope.

“I’m very new to social media but I really love it – I'm especially enjoying the opportunities it gives me to be sexy and fun, but still keep up a sort of barrier or boundary, between my followers and me.

“It’s made me feel so confident. I get an adrenaline rush every time I post a naughty picture."

Rile now makes $10,000 per week and loves the attention from her fans.

“We can engage with fans and make them feel special – even if their lives, in reality, probably aren’t all that special.

“People do have this assumption that being hot means you live a perfect life. Seriously – everybody has issues!”

Riley Summer sitting on a field fence
Riley says she loves the attention she gets from her fans online. Photo: JamPress /Australscope.

Although Riley is currently in a relationship, she has no shortage of potential suitors.

“I get marriage proposals all the time,” she said.

“There’s this one guy who comments with a very well-written poem on every single photo of mine.

“It’s sweet and it makes me laugh.

“I also love the very simple comments. Like when people ask if they can ‘butter my biscuits’.”

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