Taylor Swift tickets are back on sale today, but there's a catch

Are you ready for it?

In good news for Aussie Taylor Swift fans, more tickets for her iconic Eras Tour are going on sale today - but there's a cruel catch that could leave some fans devastated.

Extra tickets are set to be released at 10am for Taylor's four Sydney shows, while Melbourne fans will need to be logged onto Ticketek and ready to go at 4pm.

While fans gear up to try and obtain tickets again, whether they missed out last time or are looking to buy again for another show, the bad news is that once again the demand for tickets will outweigh the actual supply available.

Taylor Swift
Aussie Swifties will have another chance at scoring tickets for the Eras tour. Photo: Getty


According to news.com.au, there are less than 100,000 tickets up for grabs. The last time the Eras Tour tickets went live, over four million Aussies attempted to buy tickets.

The new tickets are set to start from $79.90, but the other thing to keep in mind is that the seats on offer have 'partially obstructed' views.

Aussie Swifties going to drastic lengths for tickets

Determined not to miss out again, some Aussies are going to great lengths to try and secure tickets, including hiring people to help them.

Several listings have popped up on Airtasker, with people willing to fork out an extra $50 on top of ticket prices to enlist the help of an extra person in an attempt to secure tickets.

One eager fan is offering to pay out a bigger sum for “as many Airtaskers as possible” to come to his office in Sydney’s CBD to purchase the tickets, offering $100 to each person who will take up the challenge.

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