Taylor Swift Fans Troll Travis Kelce By Imagining What His Training Camp Pad Looks Like

Travis Kelce is gearing up for the Chiefs training camp, and Swifties already know that he's probably going to miss girlfriend Taylor Swift, who is still on tour in Europe.

Kelce, 34, and the rest of the Kansas City-based NFL team will soon be heading to Missouri Western State University for training camp, where they will endure weeks of intense practice before the regular season begins.

As the athlete and his teammates begin to pack up and head off for camp, Swift's fans have already started to have some fun imagining what Kelce's new digs will look like when he arrives at the university.

Many Swifties online are playfully teasing the football star over his hypothetical new bunk if it were to be completely decked-out in the pop star's merch.

"EXCLUSIVE first look at Travis Kelce’s part of the room at training camp! [SEE PICTURES]" one person jokingly tweeted, alongside a photo of a bedroom almost completely covered in pictures, posters, albums, and more merch depicting the 34-year-old global superstar. (You can't forget the friendship bracelets hanging from the desk, too.)

Someone else envisioned Kelce's pad to have an Eras Tour bedspread and life-size body pillow featuring Swift, along with a cardboard cutout of the "Anti-Hero" singer.

The same fan even added a few posters on the closet, including one that read, "Karma is the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me," a reference to Swift's song "Karma," which she often sings with the altered lyrics to to shoutout her Super-Bowl winning boyfriend.

Another poster added into the pic hilariously read "87 + 13 = 100."

"I hope he has WiFI at camp so he can keep up with some livestreams," one user quipped in a tweet.

"I know bro gonna have her picture on the ceiling during training camp," someone else wrote.

Training camp for the Kansas City Chiefs begins on Sunday, July 21, and runs until Thursday, Aug. 15, according to the Chiefs' website.

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