Taylor Swift: Aussie TV couple get engaged during Eras concert

The couple who met on Better Date Than Never got engaged during 'Love Story'.

A couple who met on dating show Better Date Than Never have taken their relationship to the next level after getting engaged at a Taylor Swift concert during her Eras show in Melbourne.

Zach, 23, got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend Olivia, 24, during Taylor's smash hit 'Love Story' timing the proposal to the lyrics, 'He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring,' which has become a huge social media trend amongst Swifties.

Zach and Olivia met on the ABC reality dating show in 2022, where they bonded over their love for Taylor Swift's music.

Better Date Than Never was a six-part docuseries that followed a diverse group of single people as they stepped into the dating world, for the very first time. Each participant had a unique story for having a later start to their dating lives and with a little help from the show they were matched with a potential love interest.

Taylor Swift + Zach and Olivia who got engaged during her concert
Better Date Than Never couple Zach and Olivia got engaged at Taylor's Melbourne show. Photo: Getty/ABC

Olivia, who joyfully accepted the proposal, told that she had "no idea" her boyfriend planned the memorable event.

"The concert started, and we were dancing and having a good time, and then it was getting to 'Love Story' and Zach’s family members pushed back some chairs," she relayed. "I thought they were making us a dance floor. I had a dance, a bit of a boogie, and I turned back around and he was on his knee proposing to me.

"It was honestly really, really special."

Olivia accepts Zach's proposal
Olivia joyfully accepted her boyfriend's proposal. Photo:


ABC uploaded the engagement video on their Instagram, with the footage showing an ecstatic G-Flip cheering the couple on in the background.

"Congrats you two! Very happy to see you going so strong after that first date back in 2022!" one person commented.

"Omg that has just made my day, month, year!! It’s news like this the world needs," another said.

"This is the most profoundly heart-warming vision I have ever seen. Pure joy oozing from every part of this. Thank you for sharing," another person commented.

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