Insane amount Taylor Swift is making from her Eras Tour

Taylor Swift just played her biggest shows ever in front of 96,000 fans each night in Melbourne.

Taylor Swift is set to rake in millions while she’s Down Under, with the pop superstar playing seven sold-out shows on the Australian leg of her Eras Tour.

Swift played to a crowd of 96,000 fans each night for her three-concert run at Melbourne’s MCG over the weekend. These were the biggest shows the 14-time Grammy winner has ever played on tour, prompting her to call the Aussie city “the love of my life”.

The megastar is in Sydney next, where she’ll perform another four sold-out concerts to a crowd of 80,000 Swifties each night at Accor stadium.

Taylor Swift tour
Taylor Swift played to a crowd of 96,000 fans each night at Melbourne’s MCG. (Source: Getty)

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According to reports by News Corp, the US singer is making a whopping US$27 million per three-hour show, which equates to US$150,000 per minute or US$2,500 per second.

As to how much Swift actually pockets herself, one industry insider previously estimated she would earn about $5 million for each of her seven three-hour concerts in Australia - or $35 million in total.


Taylor Swift in Melbourne
Swift will play four sold-out shows in Sydney on the next stop on her Australian tour. (Source: Getty)

That’s after costs are deducted for transport, accommodation, product and publicity, as well as fees for venue hire and management. And, of course, ticketing partners will take their share.

This is just an estimate though, with the insider noting the industry keeps associated costs close to its chest on the grounds of “commercial in confidence”.

Taylor Swift at Melbourne show.
She's worth a reported $US 1.1 billion following the success of her Eras Tour. (Source: Getty)

How much is Taylor Swift worth?

Bloomberg and Forbes both estimate Swift is now worth a whopping $US1.1 billion following the success of her Eras Tour.

Bloomberg estimates Swift’s music catalog is worth $400 million, she’s earned $370 million in ticket sales and merch, $120 million in streaming, has $110 million in real estate and has made $80 million in music royalties.

The Eras Tour is the first in history to gross over $US1 billion in revenue, making it the highest-grossing tour of all time.

Meanwhile, Swift’s The Eras Tour concert film is the highest-grossing concert film of all-time, raking in $261.6 million worldwide.

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