Target's $100 dress sparks furious debate online: 'Gone too far'

Shoppers aren't happy with the budget retailer.

A simple blue cotton dress has sparked fierce debate amongst Target shoppers, with some believing the retailer has gone a step too far. Although the budget retailer is known for stocking cheap items, their newest Preview Brodie Midi Dress costs a whopping $100.

Influencer and fashion stylist Sara Strozkiy shared a video of the Target find on Instagram, attracting a mix of comments from shoppers. She modelled the fully lined dress for her followers, showing off the puff sleeves, shirred waist and broderie cut-out design.

L: Target store. R: Influencer wearing a blue Target dress
Target has come under fire for selling a $100 dress. Photo: Getty & Instagram/shessoseasonal

“I won’t lie, I was super shocked to see a $100 dress in Target. I know their quality has become sooo much better and omg their designs are chic AF BUT…as an OG Target fan girl I still get shocked by their new prices,” she wrote in the caption.

She added that the new Target styles are really stylish, saying that she has heard rumours that an ex-Witchery designer is now on the retailer’s team.


“I love the sleeves, I love the colour,” she said in her video. “What do you think, would you buy it for $100?”

Her post was flooded with negative comments from shoppers, with many saying that the budget retailer was quickly becoming unaffordable.

L: Influencer wearing blue Target dress. R: Model wearing blue Target dress on a beige background
While the cotton dress looked comfortable and stylish, many Target fans believe the price is too high. Photo: Instagram/shessoseasonal & Target

“While this is a lovely dress I am not paying $100 for Target! I will look around for a bargain at pretty much anywhere else. I picked up a Leona Edmiston dress for $50 on sale. I just won’t spend $100 on anything from Target,” one person wrote.

“I think they are trying to capture that target between Kmart and Myer but I think they’re starting to push too far. I used to buy Target jeans for my son every season but this winter I have bought my son’s jeans from Myer and between the Afterpay sales and another sale, I’ve actually spent less. It will be interesting to see how Myer shifts from here,” another pointed out.

“If I had $100 to spend on an outfit, the last place I’d go [is] Target,” a third added.

“Absolutely noticed a MASSIVE jump in price. I love their things but I absolutely do not think it’s worth it,” another remarked.

However, others said that the cost was reasonable, due to the quality of the garment.

“I can see the value in the dress for that price. It’s an all-over broderie anglaise fabric, fully lined, there is a lot of fabric used in the dress,” a shopper commented. “I feel like this is just one of their few more elevated garments that they could be testing out to see if they have a customer for. Target and Kmart are owned by the same company, they could be pushing Target to become their higher end.”


“I’d absolutely pay $100 for that in today’s climate. I was recently looking for new work dresses and Witchery, Country Road and Seed’s price point was $200 to $300 for what I could get at Target for $70 to $100,” another added.

“The cost of everything has gone up! I do not know how people can afford to shop especially when wages have not increased! It’s not a price to expect to pay $100 at Target but when you go to other shops a dress would be over $300,” a third chimed in.

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