Target's shocking coronavirus mask mistake

Many countries have been suggesting that people should wear a mask when they leave the house while the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, but Target seems to have made a hugely embarrassing mistake with their face masks.

One man from the US has revealed the mistake during a shopping trip at a North Carolina Target store, and Facebook users are finding it quite hilarious.

Man shares Facebook photo of Target masks and mirror
A man has taken to Facebook to share the huge mistake Target made while selling their face masks. Photo: Facebook

"Target put out a mirror so you can try on different masks before choosing the one you want..... Think about it for a minute.... Now I will assume that this was a rack being repurposed, but still," he wrote.

Many Facebook users were in disbelief over the post, which has been shared over 352,000 times and features almost 9,000 comments.

One user wrote, "They need to be sealed in plastic - and I would still wash before wearing. The real problem is that some people are stupid enough to actually try them on."

Someone else wrote, "Most ridiculous thing I've seen today!!!"

Another user agreed, "Even if the mirror [isn't] for trying on, they should at least have the mask in a medical grade plastic cover. The mask are just out in the open get coughed, sneezed and God know what else on. I cannot..."

"Why in heavens name would you try on masks that someone else tried on? I wouldn't try on underpants that somebody else had tried on and I feel the same way about masks," wrote one user.

However, a few users pointed out that the original poster was correct and that the mirror was already on the fixture.

"I work at Target and those mirrors are already on the fixtures," one person said.

Another agreed, "Pretty sure they just reused a sunglasses display..."

However, another user who also worked for the store suggested the display pictured shouldn't be where masks are kept.

"That particular fixture is for sunglasses hence the attached mirror. I work at a Target and we have our masks on a different fixture but it wouldn’t surprise me if people were still holding them up to their face - or trying them on," they wrote.

Online retailer Pretty Little Thing slammed over masks

Online fashion retailer Pretty Little Thing has come under fire over their face mask collection after shoppers slammed an item sold as a ‘face mask’ that seemed to be made of fishnets.

The Black Diamante Fishnet Mask which retailed for £10 ($18) featured an ear to ear coverage, sadly let down by the gaping holes in its titular fishnet material choice.

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The product caused uproar online once it was spotted by astute bargain hunters looking for a cheap buy on the website.

“Looks like a really effective face mask,” one woman sarcastically wrote alongside a snap of the ineffective item.

“Surely PLT haven’t got this in their protective face mask section,” a gobsmacked onlooker wondered. “Interesting concept.”

The product is no longer visible or presumably available on the label’s website, though plenty of other, more covering options are available.

With additional reporting by Penny Burfitt.

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