Tarek El Moussa References Infamous Argument with Ex Christina Hall at Soccer Game in Promo for Their New Show

The conflict at son Brayden's game made headlines after the exes and their new spouses, Josh Hall and Heather El Moussa, were caught on camera in May 2022

<p>Lila Seeley/Getty; Tarek El Moussa/Instagram; Michael Tran / AFP via Getty</p>

Lila Seeley/Getty; Tarek El Moussa/Instagram; Michael Tran / AFP via Getty

Tarek El Moussa is dredging up past drama between his current wife and his ex as they prepare to star in a new show together.

In a video shared on Instagram Thursday, the Flipping El Moussas star, 42, acts out a scene in which he answers a phone call from his ex wife and former Flip or Flop co-star, Christina Hall, 40. As her name appears on screen indicating an incoming call, the caller ID image that shows up in the background is of an infamous conflict that was caught on camera.

The photo shows Tarek, Christina, his current wife Heather El Moussa, and her current husband Josh Hall on the sidelines of Tarek and Christina's son Brayden's soccer game in May 2022. The image, one of several published by the Daily Mail at the time, documented what appeared to be a heated argument. In the shot on Tarek's phone, he is leading Heather, 36, away from a seated Christina and Josh by the arm. Another frame showed Heather leaning over to address her husband's ex directly.

Tarek was also photographed in an up-close verbal dispute with Josh, 43. Brayden's soccer coach had to step in and split them up, the Mail reported at the time.

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Following the highly publicized dispute between the two couples, they released a joint statement shared with PEOPLE that read: "A personal matter was discussed and has since been resolved, We are focused on co-parenting as a team moving forward."

Christina also appeared to address the incident on her Instagram Story a few days later after Brayden underwent an "emergency" appendectomy, tagging Tarek, Heather and Josh in the post.

Sharing a picture that shows a smiling Brayden post-surgery, Christina wrote, "Stressful 24 hours but a good reminder how important team work/co-parenting is."

<p>Christina Hall/ Instagram; Heather Rae El Moussa/ Instagram</p>

Christina Hall/ Instagram; Heather Rae El Moussa/ Instagram

The foursome have been open about their evolving co-parenting relationships, including some rocky patches, but seem to be on good terms now. The two couples even exchanged flowers on Mother's Day.

Tarek's Instagram video is in promotion of a new HGTV show, The Flip Off, in which he'll reunite with Christina for the first time since the end of Flip or Flop in 2022.

The network announced the house-flipping competition series, which will see the exes and their new spouses face off against each other, on May 15. It will premiere in early 2025.



"I never thought I’d be doing this," Christina says in the dramatic trailer, above, shared Wednesday morning in a joint post from all four stars and HGTV.

"This is one of the defining moments of my life," Tarek adds. The 30-second teaser is scored by a song with lyrics including, "Did you try to dismiss me? You thought I was history. But now you gotta deal with me. I’m back with a vengeance," which plays as Tarek and Christina step out of gleaming cars in all-black outfits.

The day before the announcement, Tarek, Christina and Heather appeared together in an Instagram post that raised eyebrows and poked fun at fans' long-standing jokes about the two women's similar appearances.

In the clip, shared by all three stars on Instagram Tuesday, Heather and Christina stand side by side in matching black strapless tops and jeans. “Hi I’m Christina,” Heather, 36, says in the video. "I'm Heather!," Christina, 40, replies.

Heather continues, “Wait no, that’s not right.” The pair then start twirling their matching blonde locks as Christina jokes with a shrug, “Must be all that bleach.”

The camera then pans out to show Tarek sitting in a chair as the two women stand behind him. “Well, I guess it is confusing,” he says with a smile.



After Christina and Tarek's very 2018 public divorce following a harrowing incident involving a gun in 2016, they continued to film Flip or Flop together for another 6 years.

The later seasons of the show leaned into their sometimes contentious relationship. And a 2021 blow-up between the pair on set revealed things were occasionally even more dramatic behind the scenes.


Since ending the long-running series, both exes have embarked on their own solo series on HGTV. Christina currently stars in Christina on the Coast and Christina in the Country with Hall, whom she married in 2022.

Tarek first starred in Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa and currently appears alongside Heather in The Flipping El Moussas.

Tarek and Christina share two children: Brayden and daughter Taylor, 13. Christina also shares son Hudson, 4, with her second husband Ant Anstead, from whom she split in 2020 after less than two years of marriage.

Tarek and Heather, who met during a Fourth of July celebration in 2019, tied the knot in 2021 and welcomed their son Tristan together in Jan. 2023.

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