Tana Mongeau Accused Cody Ko Of Having Sex With Her When She Was Just 17

Tana Mongeau Accused Cody Ko Of Having Sex With Her When She Was Just 17

Tana Mongeau accused Cody Ko of having sex with her when she was just 17.

Tana Mongeau on a red carpet wearing a metallic, strapless gown with cut-out details, accessorized with multiple large silver bracelets and rings
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The two collaborated multiple times over the years, including the YouTube video "The shittiest video ever ft. Cody Ko" that came out when Tana was 17. Cody, comparatively, was 25.

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According to a TikTok from a recent live taping of her podcast Cancelled, Tana was asked who had the "smallest dick" out of those she's had sex with was. "Oh my god, no one look at me, Cody Ko," Tana replied.

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As the crowd screamed, she added, "I can say that, I was literally 17. Sorry." When her cohost joked about Cody making a "reaction" video to the allegation, Tana continued, "No, don't. I think it's the diarrhea, I'm just unfiltered right now."

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Tana, now 25, has previously alluded to the allegations on a 2021 episode of the podcast, which has since reportedly been edited out. In the episode, she reportedly spoke about "hooking up" with YouTubers when she was "17/18" who could be manipulative, adding, “Shoutout to Jc Caylen, shoutout to Cody Ko."

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BuzzFeed has reached out to representatives for Cody Ko for comment.