Tammy Hembrow divides after flaunting wealth with $1.4K cake stand

The influencer's fans were stunned after learning how much she spent.

Influencer Tammy Hembrow has been called out by fans for making some extravagant purchases, after it was revealed she spent over $2000 on a simple cake stand and jug. The star shared a carousel of snaps from her Christmas celebrations on Monday and there were some kitchen items that stood out.

The popular Influencer Updates Instagram account informed followers that Tammy’s pink Helle Mardahl Studio jug cost approximately $818 AUD while her matching cake stand was worth roughly $1,405 AUD. Each one-off piece created by the London artist is made by hand using a mouth-blowing technique, which likely contributes to the hefty price tag.

Tammy Hembrow holding a cocktail glass while wearing a red outfit
Tammy Hembrow has shared some intimate snaps from her Christmas celebrations. Photo: Instagram/tammyhembrow

It has been widely reported that the fitness influencer’s net worth sits at an estimated $38 million and she boasts almost 16 million followers on Instagram.

The 28-year-old’s splashy kitchen purchases sparked debate, with some people defending her decision.


“Not gonna lie. I love that cake stand. Not to mention supporting small artists instead of buying cheap mass produced s**t that will be used once then end up in landfill,” a fan pointed out.

“I mean she’s prob using it more than a lot of things we spend money on, cost per use! But regardless, if that’s how she wants to spend her money, go forth sis,” added another.

L: Pink and green cake stand with pavlova on it. R: Pink jug
Fans were baffled by the extreme price tags on these simple items. Photo: Instagram/tammyhembrow & influencer.updates.au

“I love them!! If I could afford to splash some cash on those items I definitely would!” a third chimed in.

"At least they add colour and warmth to her bland interior. Beautifully made though. Personally, I'd rather support a local artist, many around here and inland," another remarked.

However, some labelled Tammy’s show of wealth as “tacky” while others hated the designer kitchenware.

“That’s what you call having so much money you’re flushing it down the toilet. You wouldn’t want to drop it in the first day or so lmao,” one person commented.


“The cake plate look like those candle sticks and plate hacks you make from op shop finds and glue together,” another quipped.

“Looks like something from Vinnies,” a third added.

“A humble person never flexes their wealth,” another added.

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