Taco Bell Set to Release 7 New Menu Items That Have Fans 'So Excited'

Taco Bell franchise restaurant

Taco Bell fans, gather 'round and listen up!

There's talk of several new menu items dropping throughout the year at the Mexican-inspired fast-food chain, and fans on social media are all ears.

In a new Instagram post shared by popular blog Snackolator, the creator ran down the list of the items that are in the pipelines, some of which have been previewed via limited release at the chain in the past.

"Taco Bell is bringing so many great releases in 2024 and we still have SEVEN big releases left!" the caption opened.

According to the April 28 post, here's the scoop on what to expect: Big Cheez-It Supreme and Tostada, Mountain Dew Baja Blast Gelato, Cinnabon Dulce de Leche Delights, Chicken Nuggets, Cheesy Street Chalupas, and Chicken and Steak Enchilada Grilled Cheese Dipping Tacos.

Last year, the brand tested its Baja Blast Gelato for a very limited time, and it quickly "sold out in 2-3 days," per the social media upload, so from the looks of it, fans obviously liked what they tasted.

"While these were all announced for this year, remember that items are subject to change but I will update as we have confirmed release dates!" the caption made sure to mention.

Additionally, Taco Bell lovers will have the chance to vote on a returning menu item—either the Meximelt or Apple Empanadas—to make a comeback, which is rumored to be offered again sometime around Halloween.

Fans in the comment section were thrilled to hear the news of the new additions, like one who wrote, "I’m so excited!🤩🤩🤩." Several more simply penned notes about which products they can't wait to try.

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