Sydney's most-asked sex questions of 2024 revealed

One highly-googled search is quite concerning.

Australia's most-searched sex terms of the year have been revealed. Photo: Getty
Australia's most-searched sex terms of the year have been revealed. Photo: Getty

A new study has revealed what the most searched-for sex questions across Australia are and some of the answers may leave you scratching your head.

Aussies have been turning to Dr Google to answer some burning questions (no pun intended) when it comes to sexual wellness, with Lovehoney AU conducting a study into what people are most-often Googling when it comes to getting sexy.

And according to the online retailer and sexual wellness brand, people in Sydney have been using Google for specific sex queries, with Lovehoney compiling the data across Australia's largest city in the last 12 months.

So what are the horny people of Sydney Googling most often? The results may surprise you.

Coming in at number one (again, no pun intended), Sydneysiders seem to be getting curious about what BDSM is, with nearly 10,000 searches for an explainer.

Hot on the heels of BDSM, the next most-Googled question was 'How to get rid of erectile dysfunction?' and perhaps, more concerningly, at number three we had 'What is the clitoris?' Hopefully, some straight men have figured that out after the search.

pink handcuffs
Aussies are getting curious about BDSM. Photo: Getty


Moving on, some Aussies were really consulting Dr Google for STD symptoms and how to increase libido, and at least 720 worried people had Googled if they could have sex while pregnant.

Some fitness fanatics also wanted to know how many calories one burns during sex, and how many dates you should go on before you have sex, while other curious folks were googling what the speed bump sex position.

Commenting on the study, a spokesperson from Lovehoney AU said: "The search trends highlighted in this report reflect a diverse range of sexual interests and concerns within the Australian population.

“With BDSM ranking first, it’s clear there is significant interest amongst Australians in exploring alternative sexual practices and a desire to understand the dynamics of power and pleasure within relationships.


“At Lovehoney, we want to create a more open and informed conversation about sexuality. By addressing these diverse sex concerns across Australia, we can empower individuals to have healthier and more fulfilling intimate relationships.”

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