Sydney Sweeney Addressed Her Cup Size With This Empowering Sweatshirt

Her Instagram post comes after critics called her "not pretty."

<p>Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images</p>

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Sydney Sweeney isn't letting a little bit of controversy get her down. After headlines about her being "not pretty" and a bad actress made the rounds last week, she shrugged everything off and did what anyone would: wear a slogan T-shirt that showed everyone that she's staying above the fray. Deep in a carousel of images shared over the weekend, Sweeney showed a snapshot of herself in an oversized gray sweatshirt that said, "Sorry for having great tits."



"Good times and tan lines," she captioned the post.

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Last week, producer Carol Baum, who worked on Father of the Bride and its sequel, said at an event that Sweeney is “not pretty” and “can’t act” — and that her hit rom-com Anyone But You was “unwatchable.” Even with those comments, the film has earned $219 million at the box office worldwide.

According to the Daily Mail, Baum made her comments during a panel in Pleasantville, New York.

“There’s an actress who everybody loves now: Sydney Sweeney. I don’t get Sydney Sweeney. I was watching on the plane Sydney Sweeney’s movie [Anyone but You] because I wanted to watch it," she said. "I wanted to know who she is and why everybody’s talking about her. I watched this unwatchable movie — sorry to people who love this … romantic comedy where they hate each other.”

“I said to my class, ‘Explain this girl to me. She’s not pretty. She can’t act. Why is she so hot?’ Nobody had an answer. But then the question was asked, ‘Well if you could get your movie made because she was in it, would you do it?'" Baum continued. "That’s a very hard question to answer because we all want to get the movie made and who walks away from a green light? Nobody I know. Your job is to get the movie made.”

<p>Amy Sussman/GA/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images</p>

Amy Sussman/GA/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images

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Sweeney clapped back, saying in a statement shared by Variety: “How sad that a woman in the position to share her expertise and experience chooses instead to attack another woman. If that’s what she’s learned in her decades in the industry and feels is appropriate to teach to her students, that’s shameful. To unjustly disparage a fellow female producer speaks volumes about Ms. Baum’s character.”

After Baum's statement was shared, TMZ reported that she is “already expressing regret over the whole thing” and “wishes she never would’ve made her original comments.”

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