Sydney Food Trucks: AGAPE ORGANIC

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Agape Organic was chosen as one of the ten food trucks to come to the streets of Sydney this March, showing that despite popular belief, organic food doesn’t have to be expensive.

Executive Chef of Agape, Simon Lawson, says that he can’t wait to start this latest project, and that he is “so excited to bring tasty organic food to the streets of Sydney”. We can’t wait either! In the meantime, Simon gives us the lowdown on the Agape Organic food truck.

What’s the idea behind your truck?

To bring organic food that is tasty and nutritious to the streets of Sydney.

What’s the star dish on your menu?

It would have to be a toss up between the Gundooee Wagyu Beef Meatball Spelt Pizza and our restaurant's signature dessert, the Spelt Chocolate Brownie, which is absolutely heaven - soft & gooey in the middle and crisp on the outside! Yum!

What do you need to think about when putting together a food truck menu?

Our produce has to be organic, sustainable, packed with flavour and easy to eat.

Where will your produce come from?

We buy all our beef, pork, chickens and lamb direct from the farmers and break down the carcasses ourselves. It is a more sustainable approach and it’s exciting using every part of the animal. Fruit and vegetables are either sourced direct from the farms or through organic distributors. At Agape, we pride ourselves on the fact that we support Australian farmers.

What's the hardest thing about setting up a food truck?

It has been a whole new ball game. It is different fitting out a restaurant to a food truck.
You have a confined space, which has to be workable and efficient. We are also being powered by generators and LPG gas bottles - we are off the grid!

How are we going to find you?

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter, plus the City of Sydney is developing a special android and smart phone app so you can track where and when the trucks will be in a certain area. Very cool!

Do you think Sydney is ready for food trucks? Why?

The world definitely is way ahead of Australia but I believe that we have some great food trucks hitting the streets of Sydney. A sign of the times for savvy Sydneysiders who love good food on the hop, as a meal experience or just a quick tasty treat!

When it comes to food, what are you and your team passionate about?

We are passionate about organic food, which is lovingly prepared and full of flavour, ancient grains and hopefully introducing a better way of eating that is nutritious, free from chemicals and better for your health and a sustainable future. Our name 'Agape' encapsulates our mission statement, to do everything with love and integrity. Agape is a Greek word meaning the unconditional love of God.

Who or what inspires you?

At Agape we have a big focus on social justice. This is where the heart of Agape lies. I am inspired everyday by all the hungry children around our globe who go daily without food or clean water. With the Agape food truck, we are aiming to send a hot meal to these children for every pizza sold. I believe that sustainability is not just looking after our planet but the children that will eventually inherit and look after it.

I also gain inspiration from everyone within our organic and sustainable industry that put so much passion, energy, love and life into what they do. The organic farmers and artisan producers do an amazing job!

What is your top tip for cooking on the go?

It has to be quick, easy to eat and absolutely delicious.

Where did you learn your culinary skills?

I did my apprenticeship in restaurants in Sydney but I learnt a lot from my Grandmother on how to combine big bold flavours, and also when living in Brazil and travelling through South America.

If you had just three ingredients to cook with what would they be?

Spelt to make the best pizza ever.
Quinoa because it tastes amazing and is so good for you.
Gundooee Wagyu beef - Rob produces the most deliciously flavoured organic grass fed wagyu. It really is heaven to eat.

What food trends are you most excited about this year?

Having lived in South America, I love the flavours of Peru, Brazil & Colombia and will be bringing these ingredients such as quinoa to Agape Organic Food Truck. Also think sliders, bacon and of course everything organic.

To find out more, check out Agape’s website.

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