Swifties 'Can't Stop Thinking About' Fan Dressed as Jason Kelce at Eras Tour

Taylor Swift, Jason Kelce

Taylor Swift's fans are making sure to represent the Kelce family at the Eras Tour in Scotland.

While the singer performed the first show of her three-night tour stop in Edinburgh, Scotland, on Friday, June 7, one concertgoer dressed up like Jason Kelce, the brother of Swift's boyfriend Travis Kelce.

Some Swifties frequently wear Travis' football jersey while attending Taylor's concerts, but a fan dressed up in honor of Jason showed a whole new level of commitment to the Kelces.

The fan—who has since gone viral online for the hilarious getup—was photographed in a red T-shirt with red and gold plaid overalls on top, much like the outfit Jason wore to support his brother and the Kansas City Chiefs during Super Bowl LVIII back in February.

In case you need a refresher, Jason, 36, wore the classic "Big Yeti" T-shirt underneath the overalls, branded with a large Chiefs logo on the front.

"Can't stop thinking about this person dressed as jason kelce at the superbowl afterparty," one fan wrote on X after Swift's first performance in Edinburgh, which Travis, 34, did not attend.

"OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS," one Swiftie tweeted after seeing the Jason-inspired outfit, while someone else called it, "Something we didn’t know we needed, but we do now."

"The real question is, did he have a luchador mask?" someone else on X wanted to know, while the original poster added, "I THINK HE DID."

"jason made it to eras edinburgh," someone else joked.

Now fans just have to get the real Jason Kelce to finally attend an Eras Tour concert!

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