Sweet Tooth’s Nonso Anozie Explains Why Big Man Is at ‘the End of His Tether’ in Final Season Premiere

Gus and Big Man’s journey to Alaska has officially begun.

In the final season premiere of Netflix’s Sweet Tooth (all eight episodes are now streaming), the fate of humanity rests in Gus and company’s hands as they head north on a very specific humanity-saving mission.

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“Gus, Big Man, Becky and Wendy have just defeated General Abbott and now they’re starting their journey to Alaska in search of the cure, Gus’s true origin and Gus’ mother,” Christian Convery (Gus) tells TVLine about the season’s first moments. “On the way, they encounter Dr. Singh. He has dangerous beliefs about Gus’ role in solving the Sick and creating a cure. They [also] encounter foes Helen Zhang and her daughter Rosie with the ferocious wolf boys. They’re trying their best to capture Gus because they see him as the key to restarting human birth.”

Thus, the conflict continues, setting up the show’s last fight for survival between humans with bad intentions and the always adorable hybrid children. In the season’s first installment, it doesn’t take long for trouble to find them. With supplies dwindling and a dire need to escape the mountains, a brutal avalanche threatens to take down our heroes before their journey can even really begin, and the aftermath of it all shakes Jepperd to his core.

“Sheppard is the kind of character that gives all or nothing,” Nonso Anozie (Jepperd aka Big Man) says. “At first, in Season 1, he’s expecting to get rid of this kid and palm him off onto his mother if she even exists or is even still alive. But he finds himself on this incredible adventure and gradually his heart melts because this is a man who wanted to give up on life. And this kid finds the chink in his armor for that love to blossom and grow again, and for him to become his adopted son, essentially.

Sweet Tooth Season 3
Sweet Tooth Season 3

“As they go on this journey, he’s given everything. We’ve walked across half the country, we’ve been through water, wind, rain, snow and now an avalanche. After a long football career and an apocalypse where he probably had to fight for his own life so many times, he feels like he’s at the end of his tether. And I think that happens quite a few moments, which, for me as an actor, is wonderful to play, where you get to see that he hasn’t got much left in the tank and he’s trying to explain to this kid who’s just starting out in life, ‘Look, bro, I haven’t got it. I can’t do it anymore.’ But because of love, he’s pushed on that little bit more, that little bit further.”

While Gus and Big Man might not know Birdie’s fate, we know she’s alive and still working to crack the mysteries hidden within Thacker’s journal. Everything is laid out before her — the cave, the Sick, the church, Thacker’s role in this wild apocalypse — but she’s still trying to piece together the big picture and figure out a way to put an end to the disease. In order to save the end of the world and maybe solidify a future with Gus, she leaves the Outpost for good in search of answers. She’s ultimately shot at and tracked by an assailant, and is later saved by a large, mysterious creature who drags her… somewhere through the snow.

In the episode’s final few moments, Gus and his crew do have a reunion, but it’s not the one they were expecting. Dr. Singh has tracked them down, and he wants to talk to them about Alaska.

And for viewers who haven’t yet binged their way to the end of Gus’ story, Convery promises a “thrilling” and “intense” finish. “Big decisions are being made by Gus,” he says, “and the fate of humanity and the hybrids is all resting on these decisions.”

Warns Anozie ominously: “Watch out for the cave.”

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