Survivor star bursts into tears after receiving shock news from home

It’s always very emotional when contestants are given their letters from home on Australian Survivor, and there wasn’t a dry eye in camp during Sunday night’s episode when Josh Millgate received some bombshell news from his fiancée Saige.

The airline pilot, who had been playing the game with his cousin Jordan Schmidt for the past 37 days, was left in complete shock when an ultrasound fell out of his letter.

Josh Millgate crying on Australian Survivor.
Survivor’s Josh Millgate found out he was going to be a dad during Sunday night’s episode. Photo: Channel Ten

Josh immediately burst into tears realising he was going to be a father and was met with plenty of congratulatory hugs from his tribemates, who were also crying.

“To my dearest Josh, your dream has come true and you’re going to be a dad. I’m nine weeks pregnant,” Saige wrote in the letter.

“We are counting down the days until you are home, but don’t come home any sooner than to be expected because now you have a baby to win for.”


Speaking to the camera, Josh explained that he and his partner Saige were about to start IVF before he went on the show but they learnt during the initial tests that she had a “big” cyst on an ovary.

However, Saige revealed in the letter that she was already pregnant when she was doing those tests and facing a potential operation.

Josh Millgate crying on Australian Survivor around his tribemates.
Josh’s tribemates were also in tears over the announcement. Photo: Channel Ten

With Survivor being filmed late last year, Josh and Saige had already announced the exciting news on Instagram in November.

“Miracles do happen. Baby Millgate due late May,” they captioned a sweet gallery of themselves holding the ultrasound photos and a baby outfit.

The pair, who got engaged in June last year, also shared a video online from their gender reveal party where they learnt they were having a boy.

Josh Millgate and his fiancée Saige.
Saige and Josh shared the news on social media late last year. Photos: Instagram/saigetodd

Viewers quickly took to social media following the exciting announcement to share that they were also “in tears” from the news.

“Best episode of the season,” George Mladenov, who competed last year, wrote on Twitter.

“The letters from family section ALWAYS makes me emotional, but a baby announcement for Josh takes the cake,” another added.

“Seeing Josh’s reaction to the ultrasound pic is the best moment I’ve seen on any Survivor,” a third remarked.

Meanwhile, some users were divided over how the pregnancy news would affect his fate in the game.

“Josh getting the letter stating his fiancée is pregnant while shooting Survivor is both a blessing and a curse for the lad. Like, congrats you’re gonna be a dad but now there’s not a chance the other players let you make Final Tribal Council,” one person wrote.

“The jury is giving Josh votes based on that news alone,” someone else shared.

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