Survivor host JLP reveals 'toughest' part of his job: 'Incredibly difficult'

EXCLUSIVE: Jonathan LaPaglia spills on the new season of Australian Survivor.

Since 2016, Jonathan LaPaglia has been commentating challenges, announcing twists and snuffing torches as the host of Australian Survivor.

The actor and TV personality, who is often referred to as ‘JLP’ on the reality show, is perhaps most loved by fans for the way he controls Tribal Council each episode to make it as entertaining and jaw-dropping as possible.

Australian Survivor host Jonathan LaPaglia.
Australian Survivor host Jonathan LaPaglia has revealed the ‘toughest’ part of his job. Photo: Channel 10

While the task might seem relatively simple to casual Survivor viewers, JLP tells Yahoo Lifestyle that Tribal Councils are definitely the “toughest” part of his job.

“Tribals can go for a couple hours,” he reveals. “Keeping track of 24 different stories and trying to extract the right information without blowing up the players’ games is incredibly difficult.

“But when you land on the right question and suddenly the tribal opens up, it’s so fun to sit back and enjoy the show.”


This year’s season is subtitled Titans v Rebels, with 24 contestants divided into two tribes of ‘rule makers’ and ‘rule breakers’. JLP says he was intrigued by the theme when it was first announced, however, he doesn’t believe it will have much of an impact on the actual game itself.

“It almost doesn’t matter what we call the tribes because the players invariably fully embrace their namesake and go head to head to deliver conflict and high drama - which is what we want to see!” he details.

“We have 24 brand new players who are keen to leave their mark on the game and come out swinging for the fences the minute they land on the beach. The gameplay is hard and fast and makes for another cracking season.”

Australian Survivor 2024 cast.
This year's season of Australian Survivor is subtitled 'Titans v Rebels'. Photo: Channel 10

'It really is extreme'

This season also marks the second year in a row that Australian Survivor has taken place in Samoa after filming a handful of seasons in Fiji and rural Queensland.

JLP shares that the Polynesian island's unpredictable weather conditions unsurprisingly have a major effect on the game and the mood of the players as they try to make it to day 47.

“The weather is the issue, it really is extreme,” he shares. “Blistering hot and humid most days it can rain a lot and become cold at night, which is no fun when you’re camping on a beach with only a banana leaf for protection.

“Over time this becomes very exhausting and, combined with hunger, can greatly impact their judgement when it comes to gameplay.”

Unlike the US franchise which has filmed around the world in countries like Kenya, Thailand, Guatemala and China, JLP adds that he doesn’t see a need to constantly switch up the show’s location.

“That might be exciting for the crew but the truth is the game is so strong that it really can be set anywhere,” he remarks.

The new season of Australian Survivor premieres Monday, January 29 at 7:30pm on 10 and 10 Play.

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