Sunrise's Nat Barr slams Prince William over huge World Cup snub

Sunrise's Nat Barr has lashed Prince William, saying he "could have been out here with such a massive, massive event".

Sunrise host Nat Barr has slammed Prince William after he chose not to attend the Women's World Cup final in Sydney and support the English team as they took on Spain.

William reportedly said it was the cost and the carbon footprint that made it impossible for him to fly to Australia for the game.

Sunrise hosts Nat Barr and Matt 'Shirvo' Shirvington
Sunrise hosts Nat Barr and Matt 'Shirvo' Shirvington have slammed Prince William after he chose not to attend the World Cup final and support the Lionesses. Photo: Seven

Nat and her co-host Matt 'Shirvo' Shirvington were speaking about a report that King Charles has called an urgent meeting with William and his wife Kate to discuss the monarchy's future, with sources suggesting he wants to use the couple to unite the Commonwealth.

The hosts spoke with Russell Myers, the Daily Mirror Royal Editor, and asked him whether he believes it was a mistake for William not to attend, especially given there are Commonwealth countries that are talking about leaving.


"I thought it was absolutely incredible how he didn't get on the plane of support our girls," Myers said. "I can't believe a situation where William wouldn't have got on the plane wherever the World Cup final was for the men's tournament and not be there to support the men's team."

He continued, "This is an incredible achievement, this country is supported as has yours and the Matildas, you know our girls doing so well in the tournament, and it has revolutionised what sport means again to the women's game and I think there's millions of not only young girls but young boys were followed this tournament and William should have been on that plane and watched the final, a huge, huge shame.

Prince William
William reportedly said it was the cost and the carbon footprint that made it impossible for him to fly to Australia for the game. Photo: Getty

"Then we take the separate aspects of the Commonwealth countries threatening to leave, I mean this is a big thing that could totally be King Charles' legacy. So I think they've got to unite and work out what's best for the monarchy, to be honest."

Nat slammed the Prince of Wales, who uploaded a video to Instagram with his daughter, Princess Charlotte, saying he was sorry he couldn't be there in person.

"You would have thought this would have been an easy get and he does the video with Charlotte which is lovely, but, really, that takes about five minutes and he could have been out here with such a massive, massive event."

Shirvo agreed, adding, "And you've just had Victoria cancel the Commonwealth Games, so it could have been a really good bridge building opportunity."

'Deeply disappointing': Royal fans slam William

Royal fans have shared their thoughts online, with many slamming William, who has been nicknamed 'work shy Willy',

"It really is absolutely wild that Prince William - the whole President of the English Football Association - is skipping a World Cup final where England is competing. Just unreal," one user wrote.

"The so called Royal family get £86ml. The most expensive in Europe. That’s going up to £125ml in 2025," another said. "It’s untaxed. It’s public money. Not enough though to persuade Prince William, who is President of the FA, to attend a World Cup final. The Royal family are a waste of money."

"If Prince William had taken his daughter Charlotte to the @Lionesses World Cup final today, it would have been a huge PR triumph for the monarchy," a third said. "Instead, by staying at home and watching the match on TV, the future king just looks lazy, disinterested and anti-women. Big mistake."

"Women have fought for decades to get even an iota of recognition in football," a fourth added. "For Prince William to shirk the World Cup Final is the wrong move, deeply disappointing and calls in to question how sincere he is when he proclaims his support for women’s sport."

"Royalists are saying it would be wrong for Prince William to go all the way to Australia to see the world Cup final because of his carbon footprint yet he's going to New York and Singapore in a few days for meetings that could be done over Zoom," another said.

"Sorry, let me see if I understand this: England is in its first World Cup Final in nearly six decades, and neither King Charles nor Prince William nor any member of the British Royal Family nor Prime Minister Sunak are attending, and we're supposed to believe this isn't sexism?" one user pointed out.

"Queen of Spain Letizia being brought by the players and lifting the World Cup with them. This is leadership," another said. "Prince William could have been there hugging and [supporting] and consoling the English team."

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