Prince William divides with message to the Matildas after shock World Cup loss

Not everyone was impressed with Prince William's message.

Prince William has taken to social media to share a heartfelt message to the Matildas following their shock World Cup loss to England on Wednesday night.

Aussies had hoped to see the Matildas take out the win at Stadium Australia, with fans and players left heartbroken when the Lionesses won 3-1.

Prince William hugs a Lioness player
Prince William has shared a heartfelt message to the Matildas following their shock World Cup loss to England on Wednesday night. Photo: Getty

While the English players were slammed by viewers for playing a 'dirty game', the Prince of Wales praised the winning team.

"What a phenomenal performance from the @Lionesses — on to the final!" he wrote. "Commiserations to @TheMatildas, you've played brilliantly and been fantastic co-hosts of this World Cup. W."


Many fans urged William to fly to Australia for the final, with one royal fan replying, "Hoping you get to fly out and take Princess Charlotte with you -would be amazing for her."

"William get your flight booked, you need to be there to watch them win the final," another said.

"I hope you and Charlotte have got your flights booked," a third added.

"Get on the plane now to be there when we lift the cup," someone else wrote.

"A surprise trip of [Prince William] for the finals would be next level," yet another said.

Others slammed the Prince for not barracking for both the Matildas and the Lionesses, with one user writing, "Bring on the Republic since you should be barracking for both teams. Didn’t notice your best wishes to your Matilda’s team."

King Charles also praised both teams, writing, "My wife and I join all our family in sending the mighty Lionesses our warmest congratulations on reaching the final of the World Cup, and in sharing our very best wishes for Sunday’s match.

"While your victory may have cost the magnificent Matildas their chance for the greatest prize in the game, both teams have been an inspiration on and off the pitch – and, for that, both nations are united in pride, admiration and respect."

Many praised Charles for his message, with one user writing, "What a wonderful message."

"Our King always finds the right words," another said.

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