Sunrise’s Nat Barr scolds Kochie for calling out ad break mishap: ‘Leave me alone’

'Go do your work', Natalie Barr snapped back at co-host Kochie on the morning show.

They’re well known for their playful banter on set, and Natalie Barr and David ‘Kochie’ Koch have proved they’ll never let an opportunity to rip into the other on-air pass them by.

The Sunrise co-host looked less than impressed on the show when Kochie decided to let the audience in on an ad break mishap.

“Everyone thinks television is so glamorous but despite all the make-up artists and wardrobe experts behind the scenes, sometimes things slip through,” he told the audience in a piece to camera.

Natalie Barr not looking happy with her arms folded
Natalie Barr's wardrobe malfunction was exposed on Sunrise. Photo: Channel 7

The show then cut to a clip of Nat, Kochie and the floor manager desperately trying to fix the back of Nat’s dress before the ad break was finished.

Nat had left the tag on her beautiful blue long-sleeved dress, with the floor manager coming to the rescue with a pair of scissors.

“Nat is your original Tag Dag,” Kochie said.

“She banned me. I was about to bite it off before the scissors came out, but she said no,” he continued.


Nat laughed at the video footage while telling Kochie off.

“Leave me alone, go do your work,” she said.

Natalie Barr and Kochie on Sunrise
Kochie said he offered to bite off the tag before the scissors came out. Photo: Channel 7

It’s certainly not the first time the pair have playfully ripped into each other, with Nat brutally laying into a joke Kochie made back in January.

The hosts were discussing the non-profit Chengdu Research Base in China where giant pandas are bred and studied when Kochie thought of the perfect pun.

While Nat wanted to continue discussing how great the research facility looked, Kochie quickly interjected with his pun, saying that it looked like a “panda-monium” with so many pandas.

“Panda… monium,” Kochie said, emphasising his joke with an extra long pause in the middle.

“You are so clever!” Edwina quipped sarcastically.

“No we got it, we just moved on really quickly…do you want us to just fake laugh?” Nat retorted.

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