Sunrise's Kochie 'snubs' replacement Matt Shirvington during farewell

The TV star appeared to ignore his successor on Friday morning.

Sunrise’s David ‘Kochie’ Koch hilariously snubbed his replacement Matt Shirvington during his final broadcast on Friday morning while doing his last walk through the Seven studio.

The 67-year-old was applauded by the network’s staff as he walked by them all, stopping to hug The Morning Show’s Kylie Gillies and kiss his wife Libby.

Sunrise’s David ‘Kochie’ Koch hugging Matt Shirvington.
Sunrise’s David ‘Kochie’ Koch initially snubbed Matt Shirvington on Friday morning but quickly gave him a big hug. Photo: Channel Seven

Standing next to Libby was former Olympian and incoming Sunrise host Matt Shirvington, who Kochie completely blanked.

However, he said he was “only joking” and turned around to give Matt a tight embrace before heading into Brekky Central.


Kochie then sat at the desk alongside his co-host Nat Barr and fellow presenters Edwina Bartholomew and Mark Beretta for the final time - with a very noticeable pink lipstick mark on his forehead.

Sunrise’s Nat Barr and David ‘Kochie’ Koch with a large pink lipstick mark on his forehead.
Kochie had a large pink lipstick mark on his forehead when he sat down at the desk for the last time. Photo: Channel Seven

Tracy Grimshaw's awkward snub

The incident was very similar to how former A Current Affair host Tracy Grimshaw walked through the Channel Nine studio on her final day in November but famously rejected a hug from her successor, Ally Langdon.

The TV legend stopped to hug several nearby staffers but walked right past Ally, who had her hands outstretched for an embrace, and slightly shook her head.

Ally spoke about the incident for the very first time last month during an interview on the Something To Talk About podcast.

“I think the problem was that she knew I was the new host – it hadn’t yet been announced – so she and I had been talking a lot,” she explained.

“And I think in that moment, she’s overwhelmed because, if you know Trace, [you know] she hates a fuss. So we’re all standing and cheering her, and it wasn’t her favourite place to be. And it was like, ‘Gee, hang on, if I give Ally a hug and that gets snapped, then [people might know she’s the new host].’”

A Current Affair host Tracy Grimshaw rejecting Ally Langdon’s hug.
A Current Affair host Tracy Grimshaw rejected Ally Langdon’s hug during her farewell in November last year. Photo: Channel Nine

Why is Kochie leaving Sunrise?

Kochie explained in a statement from Channel Seven last week that he believes it’s time to shake up his routine after spending over two decades waking up in the early morning.

“I know I'm going to miss it enormously, but it's time for me to work business hours, and for (his wife) Libby and I to have a bit more flexibility to enjoy our burgeoning family, to travel and focus on our family business interests in Pinstripe Media and the Ausbiz business channel,” he shared.


“As everyone knows, I'm a finance nerd so you'll still see me pop up every so often on RBA board meeting days or covering other big financial news, but as a guest rather than host.

“Coming up to 20 consecutive years as Australia's most-watched breakfast show is a nice moment to exit stage left with an enormous sense of pride and gratitude. Thank you for the privilege.”

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