Sunrise's Kochie gushes over eighth grandchild in cute snaps: 'Thanks Dada'

Sunrise host David ‘Kochie’ Koch was the epitome of a proud grandfather on Saturday, when he took to his Instagram to post a series of adorable photos of his eighth grandchild.

Kochie announced at the end of November that his son AJ and wife Carolina had welcomed their first child into the world, a daughter named Catalina May Koch.

Kochie putting up the Christmas tree with his new granddaughter
Kochie uplaoded a series of photos of his new granddaughter over the weekend. Photo: Instagram/Kochie

And over the weekend, the 65-year-old morning TV host uploaded a series of snaps, showing the family putting up their Christmas tree together.

Catalina could be seen in her baby bouncer watching as the action unfolded, before she was lifted up by her dad for a cute snap at the top of the tree.

Kochie beamed as he took to Instagram in November to make the announcement that he had welcomed his eighth grandchild into the world.


Kochie's son AJ with his daughter Catalina
The cute snaps show his son, AJ, putting up the Christmas tree with their new daugher, Catalina. Photo: Instagram/Kochie

The baby news came just three weeks after Kochie’s eldest daughter Samantha gave birth to her fourth child, a baby girl named Florence May Brown, who is his seventh grandchild.

“Welcome to the family Catalina May Koch,” the breakfast TV star captioned a sweet photo of the newborn.

“3.7kg 51cm grandchild #8; Port Adelaide Member #1202182; Foundation @pafc AFLW member.”

“Our little Mexican burrito has arrived,” he continued. “Congratulations to Pepe and Laura on their first grandchild. Our cultural diversity is one of the things I love about our country. It has so enriched my family.

“P.S. If you’re thinking ‘hasn’t he just had a new grandchild’ you’re right. Florence was born 3 weeks ago… It is going to be so much fun watching these two cousins grow together.”

Kochie, his wife and their grandkids
Kochie and his wife are seen holding their seventh and eighth grandchild. Photo: Instagram/Kochie

Earlier that week, Kochie shared a second photo on Instagram of himself and his wife, Libby, holding their two new grandchildren.

“When Cali met Florrie,” he wrote. “How blessed we are to have two little granddaughters born within three weeks of each other.

“Watching these cousins grow is going to be fun. Great to have Cali home… And to top off a great day her other grandparents, Pepe and Laura from Guadalajara, received their visa to come for Christmas.”

Kochie later replied to a follower on Twitter and explained why both Catalina and Florence share the middle name ‘May’.

“My Mum’s name,” he said. “She now has 14 great-grandchildren, 9 under 5 years old. Going to be a wild Christmas table.”

With additional reporting by Lachlan Guertin

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