Sunrise host Samantha Armytage doesn't care what people think of her

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Sam Armytage doesn't care what people think of her. Photo: Instagram

Samantha Armytage has opened up about the moment she realised she really didn’t care what people thought of her.

In her last Stellar magazine column of the year, the Sunrise co-host explained the exact moment she decided she would no longer worry about being judged by others.

Sam Armytage mocked for November Christmas tree

Revealing she was “mercilessly mocked” for putting up her Christmas tree in November, Samantha lamented over the kind of people who would complain about when she - a complete stranger to them -decided to get into the festive spirit.

“Girls are becoming boys and boys are becoming girls. And we’ve got no water and we can’t afford electricity,” the 43-year-old wrote.

“Children don’t know how to play anymore and no-one can sleep because we’re all so stressed from reading banal stuff on social media all night.

“Everything is topsy-turvy right now. So I asked myself, ‘What sort of person in this cray-cray world could possibly judge me for putting up the Christmas tree a month early?’”

She revealed she was mocked for her November Christmas tree. Photo: Instagram

‘I’ve discovered the meaning of life’

Sadly, she said there had been lots, but this year she decided to “let my freak flag fly”.

Knowing she would be judged she decided this year it wouldn’t bother her.

“You see, I’ve discovered the meaning of life and I’m now on the verge of greatness. Because I really don’t care what people think of me anymore,” she concluded.

Samantha isn’t new to calling out people for trolling or body-shaming online.

Sam Armytage shows off 10kg weight loss

The TV personality this year revealed an impressive 10kg weight loss, after joining WW (Weight Watchers) as an ambassador, speaking about the fact her clothing size has been a national obsession for years, and one she says she wanted to reclaim.

“Do you know what? My weight is already scrutinised," Sam told The Australian Women’s Weekly.

"I understand there will be more scrutiny that comes with this … but the paparazzi are always already trying to take pictures where there is a fat roll showing.”

Sam Armytage lost 10kg this year. Photos: Instagram

Formerly a size 12, Sam Armytage was actually slimmer than the national average which is a size 14-16 for women.

It’s a topic she’s had to confront again and again. She once launched a legal battle against the Daily Mail, and has not hesitated to call out the shaming online.

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