Sunrise's Sam Mac shares common parenting struggle: 'Relatable'

Sunrise star Sam Mac has shared a hilarious snapshot of life with a newborn.

In a video posted on social media, he shared a ‘relatable’ parenting moment during his first night out with girlfriend Rebecca James.

L: Sam Mac raises his eyebrows. R: Sunrise star Sam Mac cradles his newborn daughter Margot
Sunrise star Sam Mac has shared a 'relatable' parenting struggle. Photo: Instagram/sammacinsta

He told fans that the song Beyond by Leon Bridges was extremely special to the pair, as they played it over Zoom to each other during lockdown and used the song to share their baby news.

In a sweet surprise, the weatherman purchased tickets to see the singer in Sydney, but made one rookie error.

“This was before I knew that babies don’t sleep 8-hour blocks like adults, I didn’t know this,” he admitted while cradling Margot.


In the video, he said they had “2 hours on the shot clock” to get to the concert, hear the song live, and get back to feed their baby.

“Our nanny arrived so we hopped on the ferry, had a sneaky bevvie, then stared at photos of Margot — missing her after 42 minutes apart,” he quipped in the voiceover.

L: Sam Mac in a white shirt and jacket on the ferry. R: Rebecca James staring at photos of Margot on her phone
The couple spent time looking at photos of their daughter while on their date night. Photo Instagram/sammacinsta

The couple was excited to see how close they were to the singer at the Sydney Opera House. However, the new parents couldn’t wait to rush home and get back to Margot.

“After that night, I think someone’s about to reach second base. Yeah, it was Margot,” he quipped, over a video of Rebecca breastfeeding.

Rebecca commented on the post, saying that it was “such a special night out”.

It wasn’t long before Sam’s fans started to comment, with one saying they were ‘parenting goals’.

Sunrise's Sam Mac, Rebecca James and their newborn baby girl Margot
Sunrise's Sam Mac has divided fans with his latest post. Photo: Instagram/sammacinsta

“The bit where you spent your date night looking at photos of your baby….100% relatable,” a fan wrote.

“Babies don’t sleep 8 hours, nope. You made it work though,” another said.

“It’s funny how life [changes] when you become a parent! You did good to stay out that long!” added a third.

“Yay, I’m going tomorrow night! Cannot wait! And high-five to you both for a night out already!” commented a fan.

“Glad you had a couple of hours to yourselves. My daughter was glued to me…lol. No time alone for this momma. Bec you are simply glowing,” observed another.

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