Sunrise's Sam Mac's brutal sledge at Kochie: 'He's so bored'

Things got a bit heated on the Sunrise desk on Monday morning as weatherman Sam Mac took a swipe at host Kochie.

Kochie is currently on leave from the show, however, he called in on Monday morning after Port Adelaide’s Ollie Wines won the Brownlow Medal.

Sam Mac on Sunrise
Sam Mac took a swipe at Kochie on Sunrise. Photo: Sunrise

Kochie is the Port Adelaide president and a huge fan of the club. He even called Ollie straight after his win at the Brownlows.

However, Sam Mac couldn’t help but take a dig at Kochie after Port Adelaide’s preliminary final loss last week.

“Kochie obviously took the week off thinking he’d be preparing for the AFL Grand Final and that didn’t quite happen did it?” Sam Mac said laughing.

“At least we’re in the finals,” Kochie replied, looking thoroughly shocked.

“Well not anymore,” Sam Mac continued.

“Kochie’s so bored he’s even coming into work on his day off, I mean I respect that well done Kochie.”


Kochie at home on Sunrise
Kochie looked thoroughly unimpressed with Sam Mac. Photo: Sunrise

Sunrise host Natalie Barr was forced to interject to stop the pair from squabbling, saying: “All right, this is footy talk.”

It’s not the first awkward moment on Sunrise over the past while, with Nat Barr forced to fly solo last week after Kochie missed the beginning of the show.

Kochie on annual leave on Sunrise
Kochie hit back at Sam Mac. Photo: Sunrise

The 53-year-old presenter looked perplexed when the show came on air, saying: “Hello and welcome to Thursday, I’m Natalie Barr. David Koch was here just a few minutes ago but he just stepped out of the studio.”

“I don’t know, he went to do a voiceover package or he had a COVID test. Hello? Hello?”

“At his stage of life he needs a bathroom stop now and then,” sports presenter Mark Beretta added.

Kochie then came strolling on to the set, with Nat asking him: “Did you know we were on?”

“No, I got my timing wrong. I was in recording a package,” Kochie said.

Nat looked baffled as she told him: “We’re not finished, we’re starting.”



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