Sunrise host Edwina Batholomew calls out PM's decision: 'Complete mess'

Sunrise host Edwina Bartholomew has called on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to consider making rapid antigen tests free for all Australians, as many continue to struggle to get their hands on the tests.

The presenter took to Twitter on Monday morning to label the price gouging and lack of supply of rapid tests a "complete mess", writing: "Rapid antigen tests should be free. Full stop."

sunrise host Edwina Batholomew
Edwina Batholomew has called the lack of rapid antigen tests a 'complete mess'. Photo: Channel 7

Last week, Scott Morrison said the Australian Government has no plans to provide free rapid antigen tests, with Edwina questioning the PM on his stance in an interview on Sunrise on Monday.

"Now we're seeing price gouging on tests across the country, charities can't access them to do their key work, people can't afford them, will you review plans to make them free?" she asked.


"We already make them free to everyone who is required to have one," Morrison responded, adding that they were also tax-deductible.

"We are now at this stage of the pandemic we just cannot make everything free because when someone tells you they will make something free, someone will always pay for it, and it is going to be you."

Rapid Test Device for COVID-19 Coronavirus.
The Government will provide free tests for people working and living in high-risk settings like aged care and for close contacts. Photo: Getty

That response seemingly did not sit well with the journalist, who again took to Twitter to share the Sunrise interview, along with her thoughts.

"We are being told to exercise personal responsibility when it comes to #COVID19. But no one can access/many can’t afford rapid antigen tests," she wrote.

"Free in the US and UK. They are at the same stage of the pandemic as us. Why is it our tests are not free?"

The Federal Government last week announced it would provide free tests for people working and living in high-risk settings like aged care and for close contacts.

The NSW and Victorian state governments have committed to providing free rapid testing as queues for PCR tests blow out.

New COVID-19 cases tipped 32,000 across the country on Monday.

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