Sunrise's David Koch shocks with 'private video' joke: 'Got one'

Sunrise host David 'Kochie' Koch shocked his colleagues with a cringeworthy joke about making 'private videos' with his wife-of-43-years Libby on the breakfast program on Thursday morning.

The 65-year-old and co-host Natalie Barr had been discussing a segment about cyber security and hacking, when Kochie said: "I'm getting a text at the moment saying, 'We are uploading your private videos'."

sunrise hosts nat barr and david koch
The Sunrise host shocked his colleagues with a cringeworthy joke. Photo: Channel 7

Nat wasn't quite sure how to respond with Matt Shirvington, joking: "Was it a true one??"

But none of the hosts were prepared for Kochie's response in which he quipped: "Lib and I have already got one on Youtube and we've only got one click .. and that was Lib and I."


The panel burst out laughing, as they joked that no one would want to watch his 'private videos' anyway.

"You didn't even go back to watch it twice!" newsreader Edwina Bartholomew said through giggles.

sunrise newsreader edwina bartholomew laughing
Newsreader Edwina was in stitches. Photo: Channel 7

On the same day, Kochie actually paid tribute to his wife Libby as the couple celebrate their 43rd wedding anniversary.

The 65-year-old host gushed over his “gorgeous” wife, who he married in 1979 and now have four children together.

"Big kiss, happy anniversary to Lib. This day 43-years-ago these crazy kids got hitched. So big kiss and big hug,” he said.

“And two years later Sam Mac was born, but not to us,” Kochie joked, wishing weatherman Sam Mac a happy birthday.

Speaking to New Idea last year, Kochie detailed the moment the pair first locked eyes, saying it was “love at first sight” and also said the pair have a “fiery” relationship.

Now, the couple have eight grandkids to dote over, with Kochie telling Woman’s Day watching his whole family together is “the greatest joy in our lives”.

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