Bizarre Sunrise stunt leaves hosts and viewers shocked

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Sunrise weather presenter Sam Mac is known for pushing the envelope on occasion, but on Monday morning a rather bizarre stunt left his fellow hosts and viewers a little shocked.

While doing his weather segment from the Darrell Lea confectionery factory in Sydney, Sam decided he really had to get in there and taste the goods that were being produced in front of him - so he did.

sam mac sunrise weather stunt
Sam mac was doing his weather segment from Darrell Lea in Sydney. Photo: Channel 7

"That's the freshest liquorice you can get," Darrell Lea employee Harry told Sam. "Try one of these and tell me yourself."

He held out a piece of the treat to Sam, but instead Sam decided to kneel down and actually open his mouth to catch the liquorice as it fell off the conveyor belt.

"Going straight in," Sam said.


But the Sunrise team back in the studio was shocked by the move.

"No, isn't that a health and safety issue?" a stunned Natalie Barr exclaimed.

sunrise hosts natalie barr and david koch shocked
Both Nat and Kochie were shocked on Sunrise. Photo: Channel 7

Her fellow co-host David Koch agreed, saying: "In Covid times you can't do that!"

A shocked Edwina Bartholomew also added: "Look at the manager in the red hair net has rushed over [to stop it]. That's just ruined a whole batch."

"Look at the looks he is getting from all of them," Kochie pointed out.

Sam tried to crack a joke about the awkward move saying: "That was strategic guys, it means I get that box now."

Sunrise Newsreader Edwina
Sunrise Newsreader Edwina also wasn't sure about the stunt. Photo: Channel 7

Viewers were also left perplexed by the stunt, with many blasting Sam Mac online.

"I hope Darrell Lea take action to recover costs for this senseless act," one person wrote.

"What a foolish and immature thing to do," another agreed.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle previously, Sam Mac revealed he is known to 'annoy' his co-stars on Sunrise.

He's made a name for himself not so much with his meteorological prowess but his cheeky sense of humour and fondness for practical jokes. But on whether his co-hosts get a laugh out of them he said: "I'm sure there are many examples where they're annoyed."

"Look, I get indifference sometimes from the other hosts. But thankfully, they're generally very supportive," he adds.

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