Stray Kids fans outraged over paparazzi's 'racist' remarks at Met Gala


Fans of K-pop boy band Stray Kids expressed outrage at paparazzi for allegedly making racist comments and jokes during the group’s Met Gala debut.  

Key points:

  • As the group entered the gala on Monday, photographers were reportedly heard making insensitive remarks, including stereotypes, about their appearance.

  • Social media erupted with criticism against the photographers, condemning their behavior as xenophobic and unacceptable.

The details:

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  • In a now-viral video of Stray Kids’ entrance, some people — allegedly paparazzi — can be heard making questionable comments about them in the background. 

  • “How do you say ‘right’ in Korean?” one asks, apparently assuming that the members cannot understand English. Another says “arigato” (“thank you” in Japanese) as the Korean group was leaving.  

  • Jokes were also made about the group’s appearance, with one saying, “I’ve never seen so many unemotional faces in my life.” As the members removed their coats to reveal color-coordinated Tommy Hilfiger suits, another quipped, “They’re gonna start performing.”

  • Fans also accused the photographers of racism for making stereotypical jokes. One was heard calling the members “robots,” while another demanded that they pose "with feelings."

  • Jokes were also made about how viewers would think there were two K-pop bands present, insinuating an inability to distinguish individuals of Asian descent.


  • Fans were quick to defend the boy band. “Don’t need to be a fan of stray kids to recognize the blatant xenophobia,” one user wrote on X. “This is so disgusting and disheartening.”

  • “Whether you are a fan of stray kids or not, NO ONE should have to be on the receiving end of such racist and vile commentary from photographers,” another fan noted

  • “It’s 2024 guys. Be better, do better,” another urged. “This is incredibly disappointing and outrageous. There is no excuse for this. Stray kids deserve WAY better.”


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