Steve Harvey Can't Stop Laughing at 'Family Feud' Contestant's Marriage Answer

Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey was recently in stitches after he couldn't compose himself when a Family Feud contestant provided a comical answer to one of the game show's questions.

As two players faced-off at the podium, The Steve Harvey Show alum—who was stylishly clad in a pink suit and tie ensemble from head to toe—introduced the category: "Name something in your home that isn't working."

Contestant Ricky immediately smashed the buzzer, blurting out, "My wife!" which was revealed as the second most popular answer on the list under "my spouse/mate." The response gained a huge reaction from Harvey as he burst into laughter and slapped high-fives with him.

On Thursday, April 18, a video from the moment was shared via the official Instagram account of the broadcast, alongside the caption, "Something in your home that isn’t working?? 😂🙏😂 Ricky sends #SteveHarvey—and his marriage—over the edge! #FamilyFeud."

The game show moment caused an uproar in the comment section of the clip, with viewers pouring in with a wide range of emotions.

While Harvey seemingly found the answer hilarious—and it scored the family a correct answer during gameplay—some social media users didn't think it was amusing, writing things like "How to get a divorce 101" and "He won, but at what cost?"

Others chimed in agreeing with those sentiments, with two more adding, "Is your wife a thing?" and "Bro better pray that nothing bad happens to him when he gets back to the house."

On the other hand, some seemed to take it all in good fun, like one Instagrammer who admitted, "😂😂😂😂 I said me!"

"Dumb ways to die 😂," someone else joked, while another wondered, "How did I know that was his answer 😂?"

"Rizz or what," yet another declared.

Meanwhile, an additional social media user reasoned, "You know sometimes it has nothing to do with their personal life and they’re just guessing what could be on the board so they win points"—and to that we say, isn't that the entire aim of the game?

Family Feud airs on ABC and is available for streaming on Hulu.

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