Steve Carell auditions for The Wiggles in hilarious skit

The Wiggles had a big surprise on Tuesday morning, when The Office star Steve Carell announced he wanted to join the group.

In a hilarious skit, the Hollywood star asked if he could be considered for the Yellow Wiggle role by listing his accomplishments and previous experience.

Left: Steve Carell dons a yellow skivvy with a green screen background of blue sky and clouds behind him. Right: The four Wiggles sit in their red car while smiling for the camera.
Steve Carell has auditioned to join The Wiggles. Photo: Instagram/thewiggles

“When I heard the news about the Yellow Wiggle leaving the group, I had to get in touch and audition for the role,” he told the children’s group.

Unfortunately, nobody had let the star know that while former Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins had left the group, Tsehay Hawkins has already filled her spot.


The children’s group broke the news to Carell gently, saying they didn’t need another Yellow Wiggle.

“This is all a little bit awkward,” he said, before pleading to join the group as he knows all the words to their songs.

“What about green? Do you need a Green Wiggle?” he asked, before mentioning that he had an ‘allergy to fruit salad’ and wanted to replace the classic skivvy ‘with a gown’.

Purple, Red, Yellow, Blue Wiggles looking at the camera as they tell Steve Carell he can't join their group.
The Wiggles had to tell Steve they already have a Yellow Wiggle. Photo: Instagram/thewiggles

The video was part of the promotional roll-out for Carell’s new movie, Illumination's Minions: The Rise of Gru, set to hit theatres on 23 June.

The film’s bio reads: “Set in the 1970s, Minions: The Rise of Gru explores the origins - and growing pains - of evil with young Gru and his Minions, giving us a first-hand look at how they became the world’s most despicable team.”

This is the sixth feature film from the Despicable Me franchise, which has proved so popular that it spawned a television special, web series and video game.

The Wiggles skit ended with two Minions dancing to Hot Potato with Dorothy the Dinosaur and Wags the Dog.

Fans were excited by the unusual collaboration and flooded The Wiggles’ social media pages with comments.

“All I watched before baby: The Office. All I watch post baby: The Wiggles. A collaboration would solve all my problems,” a fan joked.

“What! The Wiggles! Aww, just keeps getting better. I’m fangirling!” another wrote.

“This is so epic,” another one added.

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