Star completely unrecognisable after horrific bee sting: 'Bloody painful'

A pop singer has been left completely unrecognisable after a bee sting caused his entire face to swell up.

Brian McFadden, who rose to fame in the boy band Westlife, shared a video on Instagram of himself laying in bed singing LMFAO's I'm Sexy and I Know It through his puffy lips.

"Stung by a bee and got an allergic reaction!! Owning that look! Free Botox and fillers!!!!!" he captioned the video.

Fans were completely shocked by the singer's unfortunate new look, with one saying they thought it was an Instagram filter.

"Holy s**t ... Great sense of humour though," one said, while another joked, "Some people pay a lot of money to look like this."

"Looking swell," a third added.

Brian McFadden's face blew up after he had a reaction to a bee sting. Source: Instagram
Brian McFadden's face blew up after he had a reaction to a bee sting. Source: Instagram

Brian then shared another series of photos showing how his swelling developed over time.

At first, the sting caused one side of his lip to swell before it eventually spread across his entire top lip.

His cheeks then blew up as a cause of the reaction before his eyes became so puffy he could barely open them.


"Holy moley," one shocked fan wrote on the series of photos.

"Holy Jesus that’s a bad reaction can’t believe you didn’t know you had an allergy," somebody else commented.

"Bee sting? Yea I'm exactly the same! Bloody painful. It will go down in a few days just keep taking the antihistamines. Not pleasant at all," a fan commented.

In another Instagram post, Brian gave his fans an update and thanked them for their "lovely" get-well wishes.

"My face is calming down again," he wrote alongside a photo of himself smiling with his lips back to their former glory.

"Now excited to play in the Marie Keating Foundation golf day at the K Club. An incredible charity, always a brilliant day and catching up with old friends."

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