Liam Gallagher shocks fans with 'unrecognisable' new look

Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher has been forced to deny speculation he has dyed his hair after he posted a photo with unrecognisable blonde locks.

The English singer-songwriter shared a picture on Twitter with the caption, "Ey blondie", sending fans into a spin about whether he had taken a trip to the salon for his new do.

"How's the midlife crisis going?" one commented on the 49-year-old's snap.

"You leaving it grey now for a change," another said.

"Have you got a part in Home and Away or something," a third joked.

"A blonde Liam Gallagher...... I can hardly believe it," somebody else commented.

Another fan simply said, "that's grey", to which Liam hit back, "It's blonde ... I don't go grey".

Liam Gallagher with blonde hair.
Liam Gallagher was almost unrecognisable in his new photo. Source: Twitter

After he shared the photo of his new blonde locks, the singer posted another tweet hitting back at people suggesting he dyed it.

"I’ve not dyed my hair blonde you lunatics it’s just the light n the sunshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine ffs," he wrote.

A fan however mocked him saying, "Stop lying, you've got grey hair haven't you?" before the star threatened to block them.


"So long as ya didn't go bald we don't give a f***," another said.

"Come off it ... you've been on the bottle haven't you," a fan said alongside a photo of a bottle of hair lightener.

"I found my first grey hair last month, should I lie and tell everyone that is the sunshine too?" a third mocked.

Liam Gallagher performs on stage.
Liam Gallagher has always donned dark brown hair. Source: Getty

Liam's not the only celebrity to recently undergo a hair transformation.

The Masked Singer judge and former Bachelor star Abbie Chatfield debuted a new look on Instagram on Friday, showing she traded in her blonde hair for a more natural look.

"Surprise!!!!!" she captioned the photos.

"My hair has been barely holding on for a few months because of daily heat styling and way more regular bleaching so @danewakefieldhair at @tomhairstudios took me back to (an elevated version of) my natural colour. We love!"

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