Can you spot what's different about this Aussie sofa?

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Aussie brand Koala is known for shaking up the furniture industry with their iconic mattresses in boxes, and now they are taking that 'out of the box' approach to the living room.

The latest trailblazer? This seemingly-typical leather sofa.

Except that, predictably, it's as far from typical as you could imagine.

KoalaCork leather Koala couch spot the difference
This brand new couch from Koala has a very distinct detail that sets it apart from anything you've seen before. Photo: Koala

Can you spot what sets the three-seater apart?

The $2,300 buy is not made from leather as it might initially appear, rather it is made from cork.

Yep, as in corkboard cork.


In an industry-first for Australia, Koala has developed the cork leather sofa from 100% cork sourced from the environmentally-friendly cork oak.

Oh, and it comes in black!

Koala black cork leather couch
The distinct cork leather also comes in black for a more sophisticated option. Photo: Koala

According to the company's announcement, 'no cows were harmed in the making of this sofa'.

"Cork delivers a long-lasting durability without the nasty chemicals or moral dilemma,' the announcement reads.

To touch, the couch is smooth with a distinctly texturised 'cork' look but with a matte finish.

Man wipes koala cork leather couch
The couch is also water-resistant and therefore, spill-friendly. Photo: Koala

Even better, the renewable material is water-resistant meaning most liquid spills can be cleaned with a simple wipe, and it's not dust-absorbent so the hayfever sufferers can (finally) breathe an unfettered sigh of relief.

At $2,300 for the three-seat sofa, and an additional $500 for the ottoman, the sofa isn't the cheapest on the market, but it's definitely one of the most sustainable.

The tree the material comes from, the cork oak contains an environmental superpower that makes it a far more sustainable base material than most.

Once the cork oak tree is stripped of its bark, the outer layer regenerates. That makes cork an entirely renewable product, that could conceivably the used again, and again.

Looks like leather is out and cork is in ladies and gents!

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