Spoiler: The unlikely Bachelor In Paradise couple still together after filming show

Bachelor In Paradise's most unlikely couple appears to still be together eight months after shooting the show in Fiji last year.

Fan favourite larrikin Timm Hanly and Brittany Hockley have been spotted by a viewer looking very cosy in Melbourne together.

Bachelor In Paradise
A Bachelor In Paradise fan has revealed that one unlikely couple is still together eight months after filming the show. Photo: Ten

A fan shared the news with Instagram account Bachie Funny, writing, "Hey just so you know I walked [past Timm] and Brittany walking down [Chapel Street] in Melbourne the other night... looking very cuddly."

After being asked to clarify which Brittany she was referring to the viewer said, "Britt Hockley," adding, "Looked like they were going out for a date night."

The account also shared a few screenshots from an Insta Story Brittany shared where she had been given sunflowers, something Timm is remembered for giving Angie Kent on his first night of The Bachelorette.

Brittany told producers at one point, "Timm in no way is my type. Never ever have I dated anybody like him."

However, the pair soon became close and enjoyed a steamy kiss in a bathtub.

"He really took me by surprise. [There's] something about him that I want to get to know more," Brittany said afterwards.

However, neither Brittany or Timm are following each other on Instagram, perhaps so as not to arouse suspicion that they are indeed together?

The Instagram account also shared another spoiler, revealing that Glenn Smith is likely still with Renee Barrett, Ciarran Stott's ex, as they were seen flirting in some Instagram comments.

Glenn has also shared some selfies from the Northern Territory, where Renee is based.

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