‘Spicy’: Billie’s work bond with brother

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Billie Eilish has spoken about working with her brother. Picture: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

Popstar Billie Eilish says working with her brother Finneas O’Connell can get “spicy” at times but they have “mastered it” now.

The pair have collaborated on her biggest hits but Eilish says what makes their working relationship so “special and real” is their honesty with each other.

“We are honest with each other and sometimes it can get a little spicy,” she told The Project.

“It’s amazing though because I think when you work with someone you don’t know, or at least someone you’re not related to, you have to be making sure that you’re not saying something that’s going to offend them.

“With a sibling it takes a lot more to get rid of each other.

“We are bonded for life and there’s really nothing that could ever pull us apart.”

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Billie Eilish says nothing can break her bond with her brother. Picture: Mark Horton/Getty Images

Eilish said it was important to communicate with each other effectively.

“You have to have a balance ... you have to be very communicative ... we’ve kind of mastered it at this point,” she said.

Eilish also revealed every day she felt like she was achieving something new she never thought she could ever do.

“All I do is think about myself at 12 years old and all the things I dreamed about,” she said.

“I have literally gotten to live out almost every single one of my dreams and that is so absolutely ridiculous and just unacceptable.

“Every day of my life I’m just completely blown away.”