Sphynx Cat Blackberry Picking in a Red Wagon Is the Embodiment of Summer Fun

Do you remember picking fruit as a child? I fondly recall going with my grandmother during my summer vacations. It’s a simple pleasure that we and even our animals can appreciate.

While you might expect a dog to enjoy running between berry bushes, it’s a surprise to learn that cats, even the hairless ones, also have a penchant for berries and sunshine. It’s these traits that make this breed even more intriguing!

Watch this Sphynx in a video from July 7, spending a day on the farm.

It’s not every day you see a cat out picking fruit! Marshall was visibly excited when he arrived at the farm, perched on Lindsey’s (@lindseykuzmin) lap and looking out the window inquisitively. He was equally thrilled to ride in his special red flyer wagon, complete with his precious red checkered hat. He is so adorable! As his mom worked to pick berries, he delighted in munching on them from the bucket. After she was done, this well-trained cat burned off some of his energy, running up and down the field. Then, just like a human child with a belly full of Marionberries, he took a well-earned nap in the truck on the drive home. Life is good!

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Do Sphynx Cats Need to Wear Sunscreen?

No, but they need sun protection. Lindsey explained that cat-safe sunscreen is not available, and a human version should never be used as they can lick off toxic ingredients. Instead, she limits his time in direct sunlight to 20 minutes and ensures he’s in the shade the rest of the time. In place of sunscreen, sun-protective clothing can also help to protect delicate skin. However, ensuring these items don’t cause them to overheat is also essential. Taking a hairless cat out early in the morning or later in the evening can also help prevent damage and burns.

This feline’s adventurous nature impressed people. Viewer @whosnonlisted responded, “So much happiness and curiosity in one cat!” For sure! Another person remarked, “If this cat with a bonnet doesn’t make your heart smile, nothing will.” That’s true! Viewer @qvinnners inquired, “How are you not scared he will run away? I’m like a hawk when I take my Sphynx outside on a leash, lol?” That’s a good question, and Marshall’s mom responded, “We’ve done a lot of training and built a lot of trust.” It shows because he’s better trained than my dogs.

It certainly looks like a lot of fun to take a cat fruit picking. Not to mention, having fresh berry crumble with vanilla ice cream is a great way to end a summer’s day!