Sorry, But This Fan-Favorite Costco Food Court Item Is Actually Its Worst

Costco food court menu board
Costco food court menu board - George Rose/Getty Images

Tasting Table ranked cheese pizza as the worst item in Costco's food court. Allow us to explain our decision. We're all about Costco food court hacks (we've even got a killer one specifically for the pizza), but the bulk grocery store's cheese pizza slice is beyond rescue.

At $1.99 per massive slice, it definitely flexes appeal as a reliable utility pizza. Costco's pizza-oven-slash-robot can bang out a full 18-inch pie in six minutes. The grocery chain's proprietary pizza-making machine spreads an even layer of sauce across a smooth, uniform disc of pre-risen dough, topped with a uniform layer of cheese that has been pre-weighed to ensure total consistency. Although, no one is criticizing Costco's food court cheese pizza for its inconsistency. It's the same every time, and it isn't all that great. There is no "Maybe I'll swing by the food court and see if the pizza looks good today." Customers can know what to expect, and they should keep their expectations low.

If you ask us, Costco's Kirkland brand frozen cheese pizza is leagues above the "fresh" slice under the warming lamp in the food court. Its Detroit-style deep-dish frozen pizza has even accrued a cult following. At least with the frozen pizza, you can use it as a base for loading up with other flavorful toppings, cheeses, and more sauce. With the food court slice, any retroactive additions are just going to further weigh that greasy, soggy bad boy down (and, probably, slide right off).

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Costco's Cheese Pizza Misses The Mark

Costco cheese pizza
Costco cheese pizza - grandbrothers/Shutterstock

In a thread on the subreddit r/Costco, one poster asks, "Is anybody else wondering if Costco pizza is actually good or is it good because it's cheap?", and shoppers sounded off with impassioned takes. "For what it is, yeah it's great. Being able to comfortably feed a few people for $10 is a steal in these times," writes u/rainmaker_superb, "But I will admit I enjoy the deal more than I do the pizza itself."

Another fan takes a more quantitative, analytical approach: "If you factor in the collective categories of taste, price, and quickness, convenience, and nostalgia; it ranks pretty high for me." Other comments mention the greasiness as a turn-off. More illustrious descriptors like "bland," "cheap," and "good enough" also come up in a few comments (woof).

Quality criticisms aside, the utilitarian factor cannot be denied. Costco's cheese pizza is super low-cost, and when you're leaving the store after a haul, it's right there. But, if you find yourself jonesing for a quick fueling slice after stocking up on bulk groceries, grab the pepperoni variety (also $1.99), or swing by a better utility pizza chain (Hunt Brothers, Little Caesars, Dominos) on your drive home from Costco. If the hot bar is really calling your name, the chicken bake is our fave player in the Costco food court lineup -- and for dessert, try the food court cookie, which is totally worth the hype, for the record.

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