Mel Greig shares powerful photo of chronic illness

Rebekah Scanlan

Mel Greig has shared a shocking photo of her life living with the chronic illness endometriosis.

The radio presenter was diagnosed with the debilitating condition that affects the lining of your uterus, causing it to grows outside the womb and cause painful complications, as a teenager.

A proud fighter for recognition of the health problem that affects 1 in 10 Australian women, the 35-year-old has been vocal about her personal battles and has even penned an emotional column for Be about her endo struggles.

Mel Greig has shared this image of her symptoms of endrometriosis, showing her inflamed organs. Source: Instagram/MelGreig

But now she's bravely opened up about the physical side of the condition with a photo of her tummy completely swollen and in absolute agony that was captioned, "The reality of endometriosis."

"One minute you can be getting ready to talk on a panel in Sydney for @endometriosisaustralia and the next minute it feels like someone is stabbing you in the abdomen with a knife..." she wrote on Instagram. "A pain that I and many women know too well."

Mel has opened up about how the condition can come on suddenly in a post titled

Explaining that her "whole reproductive system was inflamed" and causing her abdomen to expand dramatically, Mel went on to describe how the condition now also gave her extreme nausea as well as the unbearable pain that would no doubt have her in the emergency room "within a few hours."

"This is the unpredictability of Endometriosis," Mel continued. "It can literally come from nowhere without a trigger and render you helpless."

Concerned fans have left dozens of messages of support, many sending their love and well wishes.

"I feel for you Mel, [praying emoji] for a cure one day soon for all you sufferers out there," one commenter said.

Her condition affects her body physically, having a dramatic impact. Source: Instagram/MelGreig

While another revealed they too had been feeling sick but "never thought to put this down to my Endo."

Mel has previously described to Be that the condition once left her needing major surgery and a bowel resection when her "right ovary and bowel decided to stick to each other."

Be hopes you feel better soon Mel. Thank you for bravely sharing the reality of your symptoms in a bid to raise awareness and help others.

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