Sophie Monk and fiancé 'rescued at sea' after unsuccessful boat trip

Sophie Monk and her fiancé Joshua Gross needed to be rescued after what should have been a romantic boat trip took an unexpected turn when they ran out of fuel.

The Love Island Australia host took to Instagram to reveal the pair and their new pup Bluey were rescued by Marine Rescue NSW after the blunder.

Sophie Monk and fiancé Joshua Gross were 'rescued at sea'
Sophie Monk and fiancé Joshua Gross were 'rescued at sea' after they were left stranded on what should have been a romantic trip. Photo: Instagram/Sophie Monk

"Joshua took me out on his boat... started out well!" she joked in one post after sharing another of herself, Bluey and her rescuers that read: "My first time being rescued at sea!"

"Had time for an Insta pic," Sophie shared with a photo of her posing on the side of the boat.


But it seems it wasn't long after before they realised their mistake and she shared video of the rescue team pulling up to the boat to take them back to shore.

"How's it going babe?" the reality star asked her fiancé at one point, to which he jokingly replied, "Living the dream!"

In another video, Bluey sat on Sophie's lap as Josh says, "Bluey! First marine rescue. Well done, buddy. Let's get our life jackets on!"

Sophie and her dog Bluey
Sophie shared some behind-the-scenes of the rescue. Photo: Instagram/Sophie Monk

Bluey is a very recent addition to Sophie and Joshua's family, with the neurosurgical robotics consultant taking to Instagram earlier this month to introduce the pup, writing, "A new addition to the family...Bluey. Any puppy training tips?"

Sophie shared the video to her Insta Stories, writing, "I'm so in love."

Sophie and Joshua, who met on a flight in August 2018, have been engaged for a year, announcing the news in January this year.

The Beauty and the Geek host previously shared with us that she's glad her dating days are behind her, telling us a few of her previous dating experiences.

Sophie and Joshua
Sophie and Joshua have been engaged for a year, but only announced the news in January this year. Photo: Instagram/Joshua Gross

“I fell in a bush once,” she reveals.

“I didn't realise how many wines I’d had and I stood up and I just went. I don't know if I tripped but I just fell straight in a bush. And then I didn’t get a second date, that was it.”

The former Bachelorette continued, detailing that another awful experience occurred when she was struggling to swallow her drink on a date.

“You know when you take a sip of a drink and you’re nervous but it gets caught and you go [coughs] but you can’t let it go?” she begins.

“I just remember blurting out to get it out. So I’ve had heaps of bad experiences, to be honest.”

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