Sonia Kruger, 57, stuns fans with 'ageless' looks: 'What's your secret?'

Sonia Kruger, 57, stunned her Instagram and TikTok followers on Thursday after sharing a video of herself and her Strictly You co-workers dancing.

Strictly You is Sonia's own dance-based fitness and diet program, with the trio dancing to 'Poof Be Gone', which was very popular on TikTok last year.

Sonia Kruger dancing
Sonia Kruger stunned her followers with her 'ageless' look while performing a dance routine. Photo: Instagram/Sonia Kruger

Her followers couldn't believe how well the Big Brother presenter was moving and how young she looked, with one user writing, "What is your secret to looking and staying young?!"

"Does she ever age?" another questioned. "Damn girl."


"Sonia!!! Are you kidding, such a babe!" a third added.

"But howwww do you move so well?" someone else wrote. "I’m 20 years your junior and struggle to get out of the car."

"Ya still got is Ms Sonia Kruger, you show the yunguns how it done (sic)," yet another added.

One user even called Sonia the "hottest women in history".

Being fit and healthy is a huge priority for Sonia, who is mum to daughter Maggie, seven.

“When you’ve come back from having a baby you want to do things gradually, you want to do things that are just a little bit more gentle on the body. So that’s why Strictly You came about,” Sonia told WHO earlier this year.

Many fans questioned if Sonia ever ages, saying she looks stunning. Photo: Instagram/Sonia Kruger
Many fans questioned if Sonia ever ages, saying she looks stunning. Photo: Instagram/Sonia Kruger

"Dancing itself is one of the best forms of fitness there is because it’s cardiac, it’s a great cardio workout. It’s toning. It’s great from a muscular perspective. It’s great for the joints because you’re using your own body weight as resistance. It has everything. You only have to look at the dancers’ bodies on Dancing with the Stars."

Sonia also added that the dance workouts are a "great stress reliever".

She also shared that she doesn't keep any food off limits and will enjoy a cocktail or chocolate if she wants one.

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