Sola Media Boards ‘Captain Sabertooth and the Countess of Gral,’ Unveils First Look Image (EXCLUSIVE)

Sola Media has acquired worldwide sales rights to CGI animated film “Captain Sabertooth and the Countess of Gral,” the follow-up to “Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond,” which Sola Media sold to more than 160 countries.

Sola Media will present “Captain Sabertooth and the Countess of Gral” to buyers for the first time at the Cannes Film Market and will unveil first footage.

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In the film, best friends Raven and Pinky serve under Captain Sabertooth, the feared pirate and King of the Seven Seas. When Sibylla, the cunning Countess of Gral, attacks their ship, she steals a prized figurehead and kidnaps Pinky – all part of her clever plan to trap Sabertooth and conquer the pirates’ homeland. Now, young deckhand Raven, along with Captain Sabertooth, a dragon and an eccentric cook must stop the Countess and rescue Pinky.

“Captain Sabertooth and the Countess of Gral” is produced by Cecilie Tidemann and Ove Heiborg at Qvisten Animation, Norway’s largest animation studio. The film is directed by Rasmus A. Sivertsen, who is known for his work on “Just Super” and “Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond.”

The duo Yaprak Morali and Are Austnes, whose “The Tomten and the Fox” won the Young Audience Award at Annecy in 2020, also served as directors, and were scriptwriters alongside Karsten Fullu, Mina Stenbråten and Rune Spaans.

The film is part of Terje Formoe’s Captain Sabertooth universe, which is Scandinavia’s largest brand for children. It includes many book and TV adaptions, merchandise and a theme park.

“We are very proud to continue our partnership with Qvisten Animation and excited to unveil first footage of Captain Sabertooth’s latest adventure. As the prequel, ‘Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond,’ was sold to more than 160 countries, we believe in a high potential of the film, which will surely captivate the young and old in many countries around the world,” Solveig Langeland, managing director of Sola Media, said.

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